Omegle Webcam

Information on Omegle webcam and settings of the feature. You will also find how to setup a camera for Omegle, software suggestions for fake webcam, and suggestions for how to avoid fake cam.

Omegle Webcam

The Omegle webcam is a feature of the website that you can talk to strangers with a camera device. I will give you some information on fake/simulated webcams and how to avoid them, camera devices, and settings of the website here. You can feel free to ask me anything related to these features, settings, and devices.

Just a reminder. If you would like to use the Omegle video chat feature effectively, you will certainly need a webcam device. Fake camera software or such stuff won’t help you to have a healthy conversation.

Omegle Webcam Settings

There are two important steps for your Omegle webcam settings. You will need to follow these steps carefully. Otherwise, you will need to fix things related to those settings with longer steps. I will mention those settings now. If you are new to Omegle, this will help you.

Allow Camera on Omegle

After you hit the video chat button on the website, you will join the random cam chat. However, your browser will ask you for permissions first. For allowing your camera and microphone. You will need to hit the “allow” button on this step.

Choose Right Camera on Your Video Window

After you allow your camera on the website, you will need to select the right camera options from your video chat window. However, if your camera is available, you don’t need to play with settings.

Choose Your Camera on Omegle Webcam

As I have shown you in the picture above, you need to click on the Camera dropdown menu and select the device for choosing a camera.

Omegle Webcam Doesn’t Work

I didn’t allow the camera on Omegle. How can I fix it?

You will need to fix this problem through your browser settings. Since you didn’t allow it, your browser is going to cache your decision. So it will automatically deny the camera option. There are two ways to fix this problem.

  • Clean the history (cookies) of your browser.
  • Change the camera settings of the website which is saved on the browser.

Clean Cookies

Since Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, I am going to tell you how to do that for it. However, these steps are the same for almost every browser at the moment.

  • Click the three-dot menu
  • Hover on history and click on history.
  • Click on clear browsing data
  • Select a time range. I recommend you to select the “All Time”
  • Click on Clear Data

Clear Cookies

Change Site Settings

You need to do the following for changing camera settings for a website

  • Click the three-dot menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Search Site Settings on the page
  • Click on the Site Settings tab
  • Click on Camera
  • Select Omegle from the list
  • Allow Camera

Omegle Webcam Doesn't Work

Alternative Solutions if Webcam Doesn’t Work

  • Change the browser you use and install a new one.
  • Restart your internet connection from the router.
  • Flash websites don’t work if the browser is outdated. Update your browser.

Omegle Simulated Webcam

Omegle simulated webcam is a virtual camera software that helps people to enter the video chat feature of the website without an actual camera device. There are different purposes of people to use this software and generally, it is not for a good goal. I will mention simulated webcam software, how to avoid them, and why people using a simulated webcam.

Virtual Camera Software (Fake Cam) for Omegle

There is various software that you can use for Omegle. I am going to mention some of those here. If you would like to use a free version of that software, it will be available here.


Manycam is free software that you can download from the official website. It provides several good features to virtual camera users. How ManyCam will be useful on Omegle for you:

  • If you don’t have a camera, you can’t enter the video chat. However, if you installed this software, you will able to run it as a camera device. Omegle will consider that you will have a camera and it will allow you to enter the video chat feature.
  • You can show your picture on your video screen. So your partner will know what you look like.
  • You can run a video of yourself on your video screen. So strangers will know who they are talking to.

Get ManyCam


Altercam is another software that is a good alternative to ManyCam. You will find similar features on this software too:

  • Enter video chat without a webcam device.
  • Broadcast a picture or video of yourself on video chat.

Why People are Using Simulated Camera on Omegle?

There are generally three main purposes of using fake webcam devices on the website:

  • Recording strangers videos. There are some people who want to record others for different purposes again. One of those purposes is recording for publishing on Youtube. These people can be pranksters and some interviewers. Sometimes they can want to get public opinion about a subject. Sometimes they want to prank others and publish their funny video. The other purpose of recording a stranger’s video is generally based on blackmail. We recommend you to avoid those people. They generally broadcast as a woman with their fake webcam and ask you to do several things.
  • Pranking people. Pranking people and publishing their videos is another trend on Omegle.
  • Entering the video chat. This is generally an innocent purpose for using a fake webcam. Generally, people are doing this when they want to join a video chat if they don’t have a camera device.

You can find yourself while trying to get unbanned from Omegle after the usage of simulated webcams. Because it is strictly forbidden and a violation of the rules. Most video chat websites are banning those who are using this software.

How to Avoid Simulated Webcams

There are three ways to understand a stranger using simulated camera software.

  • You will see a notification from Omegle about this.
  • The stranger keeps doing the same things on the video.
  • When you see only a picture on the stranger’s video screen.

I recommend you avoid talking to people who are using fake cams.

Personally, I don’t recommend you to enter Omegle webcam chat if you don’t have a camera device. You can use text chat or Omegle alternatives for text chat instead.

What to Talk with People on Omegle Webcam

You can talk to people completely random things on the video chat feature of the website. However, I recommend you to avoid politics and conflicts and also your dramas. Don’t ask too many questions to your partner because it is going to be annoying. Just make some jokes and talk about a topic you like.


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