Omegle App

Omegle App

Omegle is considered one of the best random chat platforms in the world for connecting with strangers. It continues to maintain a high level of popularity, surpassing its competitors. (For alternative options, you can refer to Omegle Alternatives when browsing.) However, as of now, an official app for the website has not been developed.

Below is a list of popular apps available on the App Store and Play Store that are similar to Omegle. Feel free to share your experiences with these applications in the comment section below:

Apps Like Omegle on App Store and Play Store

1AHA Live Random Video Chat

Application Name AHA
Average Rate in App Store 4/5
Average Rate in Play Store 4.3/5
Chatiel Score* 84/100
Popularity Score** 55/100

Download from Play Store

AHA is a live random video chat application with an impressive concept. It has garnered numerous positive reviews on both the Play Store and App Store. Gaining positive reviews, especially on iOS devices, can be quite challenging. However, AHA has managed to accumulate a substantial number of positive reviews and has received high overall ratings on the App Store. As a result, it has secured a place on our list of the best apps similar to Omegle.

AHA exclusively offers video chat functionality, focusing solely on face-to-face interactions. To use the application, a 3G or 4G connection is sufficient. Interestingly, you don’t necessarily need to use the microphone, as you can still communicate with your friends through text messages. This feature provides flexibility and caters to users who prefer text-based communication.

One notable feature of AHA is the ability to add people as friends. Unlike Omegle, where connections are typically fleeting, AHA allows you to establish lasting connections by adding individuals to your friend list. This ensures that you won’t lose touch with the people you meet on the platform, similar to the functionality described in our article on finding lost strangers on Omegle.

Moreover, if you come across a friend who speaks a different language, AHA provides immediate translation capabilities. This means that if your friend is speaking another language, you will be able to understand and communicate effectively. Similarly, if you’re conversing with a stranger who doesn’t know your language, AHA will translate your messages, facilitating smooth communication between users.


Application Name WeChat
Average Rate in App Store 3.7/5
Average Rate in Play Store 4.3/5
Chatiel Score* 80/100
Popularity Score** 70/100

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WeChat, like WhatsApp, is an incredibly popular instant messaging application. While its primary function is to facilitate messaging and communication, you can also utilize it to meet random individuals from various countries around the world. One of the standout features of WeChat is the Shake feature, which enables you to connect with new people on the app. By shaking your device, you can discover and add new people to your WeChat account as friends, allowing you to engage in instant messaging conversations with them.

WeChat offers a range of other impressive features that enhance its usability and convenience. From voice and video calls to the ability to share photos, videos, and documents, it provides a comprehensive and versatile platform for communication. Additionally, WeChat supports group chats, allowing you to connect and interact with multiple individuals simultaneously.

The app’s user-friendly interface and extensive feature set make it a highly practical and convenient application for staying connected with friends and meeting new people. Whether you’re seeking casual conversations or looking to make international connections, WeChat offers a handy platform to facilitate these interactions.


Application Name Chatous
Average Rate in App Store 2.9/5
Average Rate in Play Store 3.8/5
Chatiel Score* 80/100
Popularity Score** 70/100

Download on Play Store

Chatous is a safe and user-friendly application similar to Omegle. It offers a seamless user experience and allows you to easily connect with new people. With just a single tap, you can move on to the next stranger and continue to meet new individuals.

One notable feature of Chatous is the ability to set up an age range, which allows you to narrow down the people you will encounter on the platform. Additionally, Chatous provides a location filter, enabling you to connect with individuals from specific regions if desired.

The popularity of Chatous is evident, as it has garnered over 10 million downloads on the Play Store. This ensures a healthy user base, ensuring you’ll have no trouble finding active users on the platform.

Using Chatous, you can:

Engage in conversations with strangers from any country of your choice, and you have the flexibility to specify multiple countries if desired.
Connect with individuals who are within your preferred age range, facilitating more meaningful interactions.
Discuss topics of your choice, allowing you to explore common interests and engage in engaging conversations.
Create an account to avoid losing contact with the people you meet on the platform, ensuring you can maintain connections.
Share pictures with your partner, with the option to limit the duration for which they are visible.
Chatous provides a range of features that enhance your chatting experience, making it a versatile platform for meeting new people and engaging in interesting conversations.

4Hola – Random Video Chat

Application Name Hola
Average Rate in App Store 3.2/5
Average Rate in Play Store 4.3/5
Chatiel Score* 79/100
Popularity Score** 40/100

Download on Play Store

Hola is another popular application that allows you to connect with strangers using your phone. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, accessible through the Play Store and App Store respectively. The application offers several impressive features tailored for Android phones. However, the concept and user experience differ slightly for iOS users.

On the Play Store, Hola has achieved over 1 million downloads and has received many positive reviews from Android users. The app’s features and functionality have resonated well with this user base. However, the sentiment among iOS users and their experience with Hola has been somewhat different. It appears that iOS users have expressed some dissatisfaction with the app’s performance or certain aspects of its functionality.

While Hola may have received mixed reviews from iOS users, it remains a popular choice among Android users. The app’s positive reception on the Play Store, along with its impressive number of downloads, indicates a solid user base and suggests that many Android users have found value in using Hola.


Application Name Tinder
Average Rate in App Store 3.9/5
Average Rate in Play Store 3.4/5
Chatiel Score* 75/100
Popularity Score** 100/100

Download on Play Store

Tinder is primarily a dating chat application rather than a platform for making friends. If you are seeking a dating application that also offers random chat opportunities, Tinder might be suitable for you. The user base on Tinder is incredibly large, with a significant number of active users. However, it is worth noting that you may come across many inactive profiles on the platform.

To make the most of Tinder’s features, a paid account is often necessary, especially if you are looking to connect with potential dates overseas or abroad. Tinder is available for download on both the App Store and Play Store, allowing users from various platforms to access it. It’s important to be aware that Tinder has received numerous user complaints on various issues. Complications regarding bans are among the reported concerns.

Tinder provides users with video chat, text chat, and messaging options. However, it primarily caters to dating purposes. If you are interested in making friends, it is recommended to explore other websites or platforms that specifically cater to friendship connections. Nevertheless, Tinder can serve as a viable alternative to Omegle if you are looking for a different way to meet new people.


Application Name Melon
Average Rate in App Store 4.2/5
Average Rate in Play Store 4.2/5
Chatiel Score* 68/100
Popularity Score** 38/100

Download on Play Store

Melon is a highly regarded application that is available for download from both the App Store and Play Store. The app offers a video chat feature, making it one of the best alternatives to Omegle. While Melon has gained popularity, the one drawback is its current level of popularity. However, it is anticipated that this issue will improve over time. Despite this, Melon continues to provide a substantial number of active users for visitors to connect with.

Melon solely offers video chat functionality, which means that text chat is not available on the app. However, you have the option to add friends on the app, ensuring that you don’t miss out on connecting with people you meet through the platform. Additionally, Melon offers various filters that you can apply during your video chats, enhancing the experience and adding a fun element to your interactions.

It’s important to note that there are certain paid services available on the app, providing additional features or options for users who choose to utilize them.


Application Name Boomdia
Average Rate in App Store 4.5/5
Average Rate in Play Store 3.7/5
Chatiel Score* 63/100
Popularity Score** 30/100

This service no longer exists

Boomdia is a cool application; however, being relatively new, it may not have as many online users compared to more popular websites. Nonetheless, it has a good concept, and there are still a good number of online people available on the application.

Boomdia exclusively offers video chat as its main feature. Additionally, it provides real-time translation for users who don’t know the language of their chat partners. This feature facilitates seamless communication and enhances the overall user experience.

Furthermore, Boomdia offers multiple filters that help you meet specific chat partners based on criteria such as location, gender, and more. For example, you can choose to talk to men only or specifically connect with girls, similar to the options available on Omegle. If you are interested in finding girls on Omegle, you can check out this Omegle girls tutorial for more information.

If you are looking for an Omegle-like app, these options mentioned above can be a good opportunity for you.


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