Omegle Video Chat Apps

Omegle Video Chat Apps

I have told you about the Omegle app that you can use on Android and iOS devices. This time I am going to prepare a list of Omegle video chat apps which is providing random chat service with camera devices. Feel free to share your opinions about the lists and apps that I have mentioned below. Generally, those websites are based on a random free camera chat with live features. I did my best to collect all random chat apps with many active users on the list instead of Play Store apps. These apps are the most preferred ones in the App Store and Play Store.

I recommend those apps (actually all video chat apps) for those who are older than 18-year-old. If you are younger, you will certainly need a parental guide.

Omegle Video Chat Apps with Random Chat


Chatrandom - Omegle Video Chat App

Chatrandom is a popular Omegle alternative. It is also one of the oldest random chat websites in the world after Omegle and Chatroulette. You can use the application for free. Location filter is also free to use. Chatroulette is providing the gender filter feature as a paid option to its users. You can also use camera effects on the application for looking better. There are many active users on the app.

Features of Chatrandom app:

  • Gender Filter. This feature allows you to talk to people of any gender you want. You won’t need to pay for this feature if you would like to meet with guys.
  • Location Filter. You can use this feature for free on the app. You will talk to people from the countries you want.
  • Video Chat. You can talk to people with your camera. If you don’t want to use your camera, I recommend you to install a text chat instead.
  • Random Chat. This application is based on a random chat. You are going to meet random people until you use the gender and location filters.

Chatrandom in Play Store

Chatrandom in App Store

5Chatspin – Random Video Chat

Chatspin - Random Video Chat

Chatspin is a very similar application to Chatrandom. It is still one of those Omegle Video Chat Apps on the Play Store. The application provides random video chat to its users. You don’t need to register to the app. You need to be 18-year-old minimum to use it. Chatspin also provides the gender filter option as paid as same as Chatrandom.

Features of Chatspin app:

  • Free to use. You can use this application for free. Paid options won’t affect things too much.
  • Cam to cam chat. You will able to use the cam to cam chat feature of the website.
  • No registration. You don’t need to spend your time with registration.

Chatspin in Play Store

4Olive: Meet New People

Olive - Live Video Chat

Olive is an application that you can use on your Android and iOS mobiles. This application is providing free features for random chat with strangers. It is one of those good Omegle Video Chat Apps. You can meet people on the app, add them as a friend, and talk to them again. You are not going to lose strangers as same as you do on Omegle. There are some paid features but you can still use the app free comfortably.

Features of Olive App:

  • Live Random Cam Chat. Olive is providing live random cam chat opportunities to its users.
  • Stranger Chat. You will talk to strangers on the application. People you will meet will be completely anonymous.
  • Text Chat. You can talk to strangers with text if you don’t want to use your microphone.

Olive in Play Store

Olive in the App Store

3Peachat – Live Video Chat & Meet New People

Peachat - Live Video Chat & Meet New People

Peachat providing text chat and video chat to its users in a random concept. There are many active users on the application that uses camera chat. You can meet one of those people through the app. It is free to use. There are also filter opportunities for gender and location too. You can use those features on the app. However, some of these features can be paid. You can send private messages to people on the app. You can talk to them with your microphone or texts. Peachat is only available on the Play Store.

  • Real-time translation. When you talk to people with text chat and if you don’t know your partner’s language, you can use the real-time translation feature of the application. So you will able to talk with anyone on the app.
  • Live Chat 1-on-1. You will able to talk to people face to face in the app. If you are looking for an Omegle Facetime app. This is going to be suitable for you.
  • Omegle Video Chat App. This app is a good Omegle video chat app that you can safely.

Peachat on Play Store

2HOLLA – Live Random Video Chat

Hola Random Live Chat - Omegle Video Chat Apps

Holla is a chat application with proven quality. If you are looking for an Omegle video chat app, this will be a good option for you. This app provides a random video chat feature for its users. You can talk with your microphone with a stranger. If you don’t want to talk to the mic, you will able to type them. If your partner doesn’t know your language, Holla is going to translate what you type him/her in real-time. We can’t tell you that automated translations working very good but the potential in the application is very huge. Also, the popularity of the app is growing day by day. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Play Store. Holla is not available on the App Store yet.

Reminder: Holla is not a dating app. The Holla Chat app in the App Store is not the same application as this.

Features of Holla app:

  • Camera effects on video chat. With this feature, you will able to use effects on video chat. This is a very rare feature for Omegle video chat apps. You will able to filter your looking on camera and you will look more beautiful or handsome to strangers. It will also help you to take the attention of people.
  • Live random video chat and text chat. Yes… While I was testing and reviewing this app, I figured that it is very user friendly and provides anything a chat user wants. You will find a live random video chat feature on the app. If you don’t want to use your camera, you can still text messages to people.
  • No more lost strangers. The lost strangers on Omegle are one of the main problems of the website. You can add people as your friend on Holla and you are not going to lose them again.

Holla in Play Store

1Bermuda Video Chat

Bermuda Video Chat

Features of Bermuda video chat is almost similar to the Holla app that I mentioned above. There is a real-time translation (for text), text chat, video chat features available on the app. There are also gender and location filters. The app is providing a safe chat opportunity to people. You can also talk to foreigners that you don’t know their languages. Unlike Holla, this app is available on App Store too. It is free to use but some features can be paid.

Features of Bermuda app:

  • Gender filter. You can talk to people only girls or guys on the Bermuda app. Gender filter can be a good feature for those who are looking for a chat with people with a specific gender. This feature is paid but still affordable and good to use.
  • Location filter. If you are looking to talk with someone from a region or country, the location filter is going to serve for you to do it. You will talk to people from certain countries you pick. You can select more than one country to meet strangers. It will also help you to meet people from your own region or country too.
  • Free webcam chat. You can use the random webcam chat feature of the application for free.

Bermuda in Play Store

Bermuda in App Store



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