Omegle Kids

Omegle Kids

Like we have told you before, we don’t recommend Omegle for kids who are younger than 16-year-old. If your children want to use it, I recommend you to assist/her or him while he/she uses the website. There are also alternative chat sites that kids use. I am going to provide the top 5 chat sites for kids on here. Please feel free to leave a comment and feedback for those websites.

Omegle Alternatives for Kids

You can find the top 10 websites and applications that are similar to Omegle and suitable for kids below.


Chatous - Omegle Alternatives for Kids

Chatous is one of the best and safe alternatives of Omegle for kids because the application allows you to limit the age of your partner. For example, if you are a 10-15-year-old teen, you are going to meet people from whole around the world about those ages. Chatous is also available in the App Store and Google Play. We recommend only text chat for kids at this time.

The website allows users to speak about various subjects. So your kid can select one of those hashtags on the website and begin to talk to a stranger. Before you start to talk to a stranger, you can get information about his/her age and location. So you will know the age of the stranger and also the location of him/her. Since the text chat of the website is not spammy, you will have a quality discussion here.

This website is providing a random chat website as same as Omegle. When you are using the website on your browser, you are not going to see the text chat section. So we recommend kids to use this website through their phones. We can’t recommend the video chat feature for kids at the moment because of security issues.

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KidsChat - Omegle Kids

KidsChat is providing a secure social community for kids. You don’t need need to register for this service. You can log in directly through “Guest Login”. Maximum 19-year-old users are allowed on KidsChat and the minimum age should be 13. You need to select your gender before the entering chat.

Kids Chat Net, 13-16 Years Old Room and My Hero Academia RP is the most popular room on the website. We recommend you to pick one of those channels to begin to chat. This website is based on text chat. It is not also a random chat. You can talk to individuals by sending private messages. You can also talk to the whole channel. It is a good Omegle Kids alternative for those who want to talk to strangers on the internet.

The website provides only text chat and chat rooms to its users. You won’t find a random chat feature on the website. You will able to pick a stranger to talk to on here. You can also talk to everyone online on the website. All you need to do is typing into the main channel of the website.

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3Chat Avenue – Free Kids Chat Rooms

I don’t still recommend Chat Avenue for kids since the concept of the website is very close to Omegle. Kids can find themselves in a mature discussion all of a sudden as same as Omegle. However, if you are looking for an alternative chat room for kids, this can be a good option for you. The community in Chat-Avenue is a little bit toxic. We still recommend you to assist your children if he/she is younger than 16. It is also very easy to visit other chat rooms on the website and they are not recommended for kids at all… So we can’t tell you it is 100% safe for your kid.

Chat Avenue doesn’t also require registration. You can join the chat room quite fast. As same as many other chat sites we counted here, Chat-Avenue is also a chat room platform. It means there is no random chat and you will want to pick your friend to start to talk. It is free… There is only text chat on Chat Avenue.

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4321Chat – Kid Chat Room

321Chat - Omegle Kid Chat Room

321Chat is another good opportunity if you would like to talk to strangers kids in an Omegle alternative. However, the website’s concept is very similar to Chat Avenue. So we believe that there will be some security issues if you don’t guide your children when they enter this website. There are various good communities to talk with people on the website. However, some of them are not suitable for kids at all and they can easily reach those communities with a single click.

321Chat is still a good moderated chat website but we still recommend parental guidance for it. This website also doesn’t have random chat. It is based on a chat room and you will need to pick your friends to start to chat here. You will need to send private messages and expect others to write you back. You will able to talk with more than one person at the same time. There is only text chat in 321chat.

5Kidz World Chat

Kidz World Chat

Kidz World is a large website that is dedicated to kids and teens. The website is also including a chat room for them. We recommend this website for you if your kids want to talk to other kids from different locations of the US and the world. It is free.

You will need to get an account from the website to begin to chat. The website doesn’t provide a random chat service like Omegle. It still provides a safe chat room for your kid to talk to strangers.

When we compared Kidz World Chat with other social sites that we counted here, we should admit that online people’s amount is much lesser. However, there are still many people that you can create friendships. It is safer and better moderated than other options.

Update: Kidz Wold Removed This Service Recently

The only random chat website on the list Chatous at the moment and it is not dedicated to kids. You will need to make a setup on Chatous if you want your kids to meet people around their age.



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