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Name Omegle
Launch Date 25th March 2009
Founder Leif K-Brooks
Language Multilingual
Features Random Chat, Video Chat, Text Chat, Voice Chat
Top Locations United States of America United Kingdom Brazil India Germany
Moderated Yes
Availability Browsers, Mobile Browsers
Server Status Online
Registration No

There are many random chat websites on the internet at the moment. Omegle has launched on 25th March 2009 by Leif K-Brooks. It is the first internet website based on random chat. The website provides different services for its users.

 What is Omegle?

Omegle is a chat website that you can talk to strangers. You can skip those strangers if you don’t like the conversation and begin to talk to another stranger immediately.

Is it legit to use?

Yes, it is… However, you will still responsible for your state laws while you are using this social chat website.  

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Omegle is still the most popular random chat service in the world. You can use the features of the website to talk to strangers in different ways. There are video chat, text chat, unmoderated section, spy mode, and college chat opportunities of the website. The unmoderated section is for those who don’t want their chats to be monitored by staff. This section is not watched by moderators at all, so you will need to use it at your own risk. You can talk to people with video chat on this section. It is not recommended to use this service if you are younger than 18. (Even with your parents.) Since it is unmoderated, you can face unwanted things in this section. Spy Mode is good for those who want to discuss a subject. Another stranger is going to ask you a question in this section and you will discuss it with another person. This field is only text chat. You won’t use your camera on spy mode or question mode. If you want to ask a question, you will be only a spectator. Stay civil in this section as much as you can and enjoy a nice discussion with a stranger. You will need to register for the college chat section with an edu mail. If you don’t have one, you won’t able to use this section at all. You will meet with random college students on this chat. Omegle is going to send a confirmation mail to your email address. After you confirm your address, you will able to use it.

Omegle Video Chat

Video Chat Screen

Omegle video chat is one of the most popular webcam chat services in the world at the moment. There are many online strangers on this platform. However, it is recommended you to be an 18-year-old minimum to use this service. There are many complaints about the video chat service. There are also users who have sentenced by courts of the United States since they have violated laws. You can find a lot of news about those incidents on newspaper websites of the States. So you will need to be careful while you are talking to strangers. Please, don’t forget to enable your camera before you begin to chat. Otherwise, the website will ask you to switch to the text chat or unmoderated section. You can always tap/click on the “next” button to skip a stranger who is annoying you (or that you don’t want to talk). Alternatively, you can hit the “ESC” button to skip fast.

Omegle Text Chat

Text Chat Screen

The text chat is another tool that you can use. As we have already told in the history section, this is the first feature of Omegle. However, this feature is a little bit problematic because of the bot problem. There are many spammers who are using this feature for advertising another website or product. Due to these problems on text chat, many users have quit using the website. Unfortunately, you will generally meet with bots on the text chat section of the website. It can take a while to meet with a real person in this section. However, you can still give a try if you don’t want to use your camera. Omegle text is one of the most used chat features of the website. We are going to tell you how to use this feature and give you some tips and tricks for the best performance. You can also give me and “visitors on the website” some opinions if you ever want to do. All you need to do is leave a comment.

How to Use Omegle Text

Using Omegle text is actually very easy. You don’t need to spend too much effort to learn it.


Go to You will need to visit in your browser and begin your adventure for the text chat… You can also click on the link I provided above. You will need to join this website with your parents if you are younger than 18-year-old. Otherwise, we recommend you to check Omegle Kids and Omegle Teen websites.

Choose Interests

Choose Interests for Omegle Text If you want to talk to someone about a topic, you will want to choose some interests before you enter the chat. Don’t forget to mark the “Find Strangers with Common Interest” field. We recommend you to pick general topics for this. So you will have better conversations with strangers.

Click/Tap on Text Chat Button

Omegle text chat button You will need to click/tao on the text chat button next as I have shown you above. After you click or tap on this button, you will start to talk to a random stranger. If you want to join the video chat with mobile, you will need to see my guide for Omegle video calls.

Skip the Stranger

You can skip the stranger in two different ways.

  1. Hitting the “ESC” button twice on your PC.
  2. Clicking on the “Disconnect” button and then the “Really” button.

After you skip the stranger, you will need to click on the “New” to connect with another stranger. That is all you need to know about the Omegle text.

7 Important Tips for Omegle Text

  1. Be kind against strangers. Kindness is important nowadays. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do jokes though.
  2. Omegle text is not a video chat. So don’t trust everything that your partners tell you.
  3. Please don’t share your sensitive information with strangers directly. This can be very insecure for your end.
  4. Try to keep the conversation alive. If you ask too many questions without discussion, it will kill the conversation.
  5. Use the “ESC” button carefully when you want to skip a stranger. You can keep skipping people by accident.
  6. Visitors can use the text chat through your mobile browser. You don’t need to use the desktop view to join this feature of Omegle.
  7. Try to tell something funny to your chat friend. That will help you to connect with other people much better.
  8. If you don’t change your language and if you are not leaving in an English-speaking country, you are going to meet people who are talking your language. Let’s say you are from Poland… If you connect to the Omegle text chat directly without changing the language, you are going to meet people who are talking the Polish language. If you change your language to English, you will meet people from whole around the world.

If you are looking for alternatives to the website, you can take a look at my Omegle Alternatives suggestions.

Tricks for Omegle Text Chat Feature

  1. If you want to meet someone from a country, you can select the language of that before entering the chat. Alternatively, you can still select the language as English but add a country name to the Omegle interests. You can also add the country name in that country’s language too. For example, you want to talk to someone from Croatia. Add Croatia to your Omegle interests. But also add Hrvatska to your interests too.
  2. If you are looking for a girl, I recommend you to take a look at my suggestions for interests to find girls on Omegle.
  3. If you are looking for a man, just don’t play with your settings. Omegle is already full of them.
  4. Omegle text can be a good dating opportunity for you. However, don’t forget that people are mostly joining this social network to find new friends.

How to Make a Friend on Omegle Text

Actually, I told you anything key about making friends above. However, if you would like to make a friend on the website, let’s summarize them for you. Firstly don’t forget that you should be honest. If you ever lie to someone, you are going to lie over and over. If you ever create a friendship with someone, someday your lies will be revealed. This will create a serious trust problem in your friendship. Be kind to that person if you would like to keep your friendship.

Omegle Android App

Unfortunately, there is no Omegle Android application at the moment despite the high demand of the website fans. However, there are ways to use it on Android smartphones. If you are going to use the text chat service, you can directly use your Chrome or default Android browser. If you are planning to use a video chat service, there are applications like the Penguin browser that you should use. You can also look for an alternative browser application for Android to make video chat work.

Omegle iOS App

There is no Omegle iOS application at the moment. There are also no studies of the staff to create this app now. You will need to follow similar ways with Android devices to use the video chat service. The website’s video feature was working in the beta version of Chrome after its launch. However after Google quit supporting flash, it is not working at the moment.

How to Use Omegle?

Time needed: 2 minutes

You will find information on how to use Omegle below.

  1. Go to

    To begin to talk to strangers, you will need to go to in your browser.

  2. Add your interests

    You will need to add your interests to the blank field on the main page. If you don’t want to talk to strangers based on an interest, you can skip this step.Add Your Interests to Omegle

  3. Select a feature to start to chat

    There are 4 features on the website. Text, Video, Spy (question) mode, and Unmoderated section. Select one of those options to start to chat.Select a feature to chat on Omegle

  4. Type “hi” to a stranger!

    Type “hi” to the stranger to begin a new conversation with your random friend.

  5. Next strangers that you don’t like.

    You can click on the “next” button at the bottom corner of the webpage to skip a stranger that you don’t like.


Is Omegle a safe website?

Omegle is not a safe website if you are younger than 18-year-old. We recommend you to use the website with your parents if you are younger…

Is Omegle free?

Omegle is 100% free. You won’t need to pay at all.

Can I use this website on mobile?

You can use this website on your mobile devices. However, you will need to use it on mobile through some applications. You can see our guidelines about it.

When did Omegle launch?

Omegle launched in 25th March 2009.

Who founded Omegle?

Leif K-Brooks founded Omegle when he was 18 years old. When it launched, there was only a text chat feature.

What are the features?

Omegle has text chat, video chat, lady zone, unmoderated section, and spy mode features. All of these features are free except the lady zone. Lady Zone is a platform that is suitable for matures at this time.

Is there any official application of Omegle?

There is not any official application of the website at the moment. There are some applications that are called with the same name as the brand. However, it is recommended you avoid using those. They are not safe to use at all.

Is the website monitored?

According to Leif, this service is monitored by human moderators. However, since there are tens of thousands of people who are using this service simultaneously, it is not possible to moderate every chat. If you don’t want your conversation monitored by staff, you will need to use an unmoderated section. Only video chat service is moderated this time. There are only auto-moderators in text chat to fight against spam.

Is FBI or Police watching Omegle?

I believe the FBI or Police have more important works to do. However, they investigate cases that occur on the website. You will need to be careful while you are using this service.

Where are the locations of people?

People are generally from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and Brazil.

How can I feedback?

There is not any feedback service on the website at this time.


After the launch of the website, it started to get many visitors from different countries of the world. Especially chatters from the United States have started to use this service to talk to strangers. Soon after the release, new similar random chat services started to appear on the internet. Chatroulette and ChatRandom are the first famous websites that have claimed to be alternative to Omegle. The website has started to provide service to visitors with only text chat. It was very simple. You were only talking to people from different countries through texting and you were skipping them if you don’t want to go on to talk. The website has gained popularity in a short time. Due to high server expenditures and high demand for video chat, Leif started to seek ways to monetize from this service. Omegle has approved for the Google Adsense at the first. However, then it has been banned due to Adsense Policy violation. After the ban from Adsense, Leif has created Lady Zone which is suitable for those who are older than 18-year-old. He started to monetize from the Lady Zone feature. At the same time, Leif also created the video version of Omegle and launch it in the same with the Lady Zone.


  • 2009: Omegle launched by Leif. K Brooks. The website was only providing the text chat.
  • 2010: Video chat introduced.
  • 2010: Omegle started to publish ads on the right sidebar.
  • 2011: Spy Mode feature is introduced.
  • 2011: Omegle mobile friendly version is introduced.
  • 2012: Interest feature is released on Omegle. So people started to talk on some topics. Facebook interests also released which was working with Facebook connection to the website.
  • 2013: Restricted section is introduced. This section is also known as unmoderated.
  • 2014: College chat is released.
  • 2019: Facebook interests has removed from the website.

Banned Countries

After the release of the video chat website has banned by some countries. It is because the video chat couldn’t be moderated well and the launch of the Lady Zone feature. Turkey: Turkey has banned Omegle because of similar reasons to other Arab countries. After the release of the video chat, the country has banned the website with the court decision. Arab Countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, and Qatar have banned the website. Iran: Iran also banned Omegle since it is not moderated well. China: China’s policy against chat apps and websites are different than other countries. Unlike Turkey, Arab countries, and Iran, China has banned Omegle because it is a foreign chat application. China has also banned many other foreign social media apps and chat websites recently.


    • Hello Lloyd,

      Unfortunately registering to the website is not possible at this time. I recommend you to get email of your contacts when you like your conversation. Sometimes people don’t like to share their social media accounts but some can still share their email accounts. This is going to help you.

  1. Omegle could be a good dating website. However, Leif never considered it. I believe this chat site should also have an application on Android and iOS. I am tired of dealing with alternatives.

  2. I like Omegle because I put my interest as singing because I could see other people who like to sing. I also put my interest as Tik Tok because a lot of people like and have tik tok but even when I put my interest as that there are still ding dongs that pop up that’s the only problem.


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