Omegle Reddit Communities

Omegle Reddit

Reddit is a good discussion social network on the internet. Especially it is very popular in the United States and EU countries. I will mention some subreddits on Reddit which is related to Omegle here. You can join those communities to share your opinions, pictures, and screenshots. You will need to register to Reddit to share your posts and pictures. Otherwise, it won’t be possible for you to join those communities.

Each community on Reddit has specific rules. You are supposed to read those rules before making any publication. If you don’t follow those rules and violate them over and over, you are going to be banned.

In the list below, you will find 3 communities on Reddit that are related to Omegle. You can join them, create posts, and join discussions.

Omegle Reddit

r/Omegle is the main subreddit with many active users. You can share various things related to Omegle on this subreddit. I recommend you to read the rules of the sub first. This will be much better for you. Otherwise, you can get banned from the sub. You will see conversation screenshots, recorded screen videos, and help requests related to Omegle in this community. You will need to register to Reddit for sharing your Omegle experience.

Things not to do for this sub:

  • Don’t share your links on the Omegle Reddit. You are not going to be banned because of that but your shares will be shadowbanned.
  • If you are sharing disturbing content, you will need to mark it as “NSFW” (Not safe for work).
  • While you are commenting on people’s posts, you need to be nice to them.

I recommend you not to check NFSW shares if you are younger than 18-year-old. These posts can be harmful to you.


I have mentioned this subreddit (r/lostomeglers) in one of my guides when you lost someone on Omegle. This subreddit is good for those who are missing a connection on the website. You can create an account on Reddit and create a post on this sub. You can publish that you lost someone and give some basic information about that in the sub. If you are lucky enough, you are going to meet with your lost connection again.

Things not to do for this sub:

LostOmeglers have no specific rules in the sub. However, we recommend you to be kind while you are sharing posts in this community too. If you provide more information about your conversation, your chance is going to increase to meet people that you lost again.


This community (/r/onlinechat) includes anything related to random chat and chat rooms. Of course, Omegle is the main subject of the posts. You can also find many Omegle alternatives on this page. There is information on chat rooms and how to use them. If you are looking for a chat friend, you can also write on this subreddit to make new friends. It is allowed on the sub.

Things not to do for this sub:

Rules of the subs can be totally different. Rules depend on the person that owns the subreddit. So don’t forget to rules of subs before you share posts or make comments.

  • Please don’t share NSFW content. Otherwise, your content will be removed.
  • Don’t share links if you are not a regular contributor.
  • Don’t violate the terms of

These are the most popular Omegle communities on Reddit that I can suggest to you. If you know any other community, you can feel free to share it by leaving a comment. I will be pleased to share those communities on this page. Good luck!