How to Find Girls on Omegle

You can learn how to chat only girls on Omegle and how to find females with this guide.

Find Girls on Omegle

Omegle is one of the most popular chat websites that you can talk to strangers and it is also the first random chat in the world. Many people are using this application but they are mostly men. You are going to have information on find girls on Omegle on this page. We have how-to guidelines below. You can use these guidelines to meet girls on Omegle.

Ways to Find Girls on Omegle

I know many of you would like to meet the opposite gender on the website. It is because there are mostly men on Omegle. Unfortunately, since the Omegle is a 100% random chat website, it is almost impossible to meet only girls there. But there are still ways to find them and I will give you some tips about it. You can also find some good info below about which platform you should use on the website.

There are three good ways to meet girls on Omegle and they are a bit complicated. If you have any questions about these ways, you can feel free to ask us. These three steps are:

  • Selecting a proper language.
  • Adding interests.
  • Registering to the college chat.

A few years ago, Facebook likes were very effective to find female strangers on the website. However, this feature was disabled by Omegle a few months ago due to restrictions on Facebook Apps. So you will need to use the interest feature of the website manually.

The video tells you about placing keywords related to Omegle and how to get those keywords from our website. I hope that it is going to be useful for you. If you have any questions regarding the video content, you can feel free to ask us in the comment part below.

Language Selection for Meet Female Strangers Only

Language Selection for Find Girls on Omegle

You will need to select a proper language to meet female strangers on Omegle. There are several languages on Omegle though and you don’t have much time to test them all. However, when you pick the English language, it is highly likely that (mostly at 95 percentage), you are going to meet males on the website. If you would like to find girls on Omegle, you can try some alternative languages. We have tested some languages on the video chat for you. We got some important results which you will like.

Language Female User (%)
German 20%
Portuguese 22%
Russian 15%
French 13%
Norwegian 11%
Finnish 18%
English 5%
We asked ASL to 100 strangers after picked languages at the table.

So if you pick one of those languages in the table above, your chance to meet girls will be increase. However, there is not too much chance for English nowadays because everyone is using it. So you can try alternative languages. However, you shouldn’t forget that some languages are not very popular. For example, you can’t find many online people who prefer to talk Finnish but you can find many in the German language.

How to Change the Language

  • Go to
  • Scroll/swipe down until you see the text and video buttons.
  • Tap on the “Select a Language” dropdown menu.
  • Select one of the languages that I provided you above.
  • Go to Video chat or Text Chat.

Problems with the Language Change

Changing the language can cause several problems in communication. The reason, while you are talking to someone with text, what you have sent is going to be translated to that language. Once you have to change the language you will not able to talk in English. If you ever send the message in the English language, it is going to be translated to the language you select. This is 100% auto and there is no way to stop it. The person you meet will also send you the message in the language you selected. So this step is a bit risky to find girls on Omegle.

We recommend you be careful while you are using this step. If you know the language, that won’t be any problem at all for you.

Omegle Interests to Find Girls Only

Omegle Interests to Find Girls

You can use various keywords (interests) to find girls on Omegle. It is the most effective way to meet women only. However, you will need to select your interests carefully. You also need to make your language “English” for this trick. So if you have changed the language of the website as following guidelines above, you will need to take it back to the default language English again.

For this step, you will need to think about what do girls write to Omegle interests. It could be very specific when it came to Facebook likes but since this feature is removed, you will need to think basic at all. Still, these interests should match with girls’ interests though.

Most of these interests can be common with man. However, there are still interests that can be used by women mostly. For example “dance” and “dancing” can be a good example of that. You will need to use some keywords specifically on Omegle. When you type “dance”, we recommend you to add “dancing” too. You can also type different dancing styles to be specific. For example tango, bachata, etc.

Interest Suggestions to Find Girls on Omegle (Keywords)

  • Dance
  • Dancing
  • Movies
  • GoT
  • Space
  • Astronomy
  • Tango
  • Bachata
  • Books

These are some keyword suggestions to find girls on the website. However, I can’t tell you that they will be 100% effective. These are going to be good if you use these keywords with the features I mentioned below. Still, I am going to give rates that how many females I met on the website with those keywords on the text chat.

Platform Female Users (%)
Dance & Dancing 30%
Movies 11%
GoT 20%
Space 14%
Astronomy 19%
Tango 20%
Bachata 10%
Books 25%


These rates are quite good when compared with normal standards.

Find College Girls on Omegle

Find College Girls on Omegle

If you would like to find college girls on Omegle, you will also need to be a college student. So you can use the college chat feature of the website. Unfortunately, if you are not a college student or university student and if you don’t have an edu mail, you won’t able to use this service. There is no way to get an edu mail without being a student or a staff of a college.

This chat feature requires a little registration from you. You need to add your edu email address to Omegle and get a confirmation email. After you approve that you are the owner of the email address, you will able to use the college chat feature of Omegle. You don’t need to pay for this service at all. Your chance to find girls on Omegle is very high on the college chat feature when it is compared to other features.

Your chance to meet a female college stranger on Omegle is very high when compared with all other features of Omegle. If you have already met with a girl and lost a connection with her, you can see our guidelines for finding a lost stranger on Omegle.

Is it Possible to Find Girls on Omegle with a 100% rate in 2020?

Unfortunately, this is impossible, because it completely provides a random chat. It means it doesn’t ask for any gender or age when users enter the website. Therefore, it is not possible to find only girls on Omegle with a 100% rate. There are still some Omegle alternatives that provide gender filter options. You can give it a try on those websites… However, they are providing these services paid at the moment.

Some random chat services that provide gender filter:

  • Chatrandom
  • Camsurf
  • Emerald Chat
  • Shagle
  • Ome TV
  • ChatKi

Are There Any Girls on Omegle?

Many girls are using the website. However, the rate of the of them is very low when it is compared to guys. So you will need to be careful while you are picking your interests on the website. This is the only tool that will help you to find girls on Omegle. You just need to think about what would I pick (as an interest), if I was a girl. That is it. However, it is not still easy. There are also some features they use… You can find some features in the section below.

The other reason that you can’t find girls on Omegle is you are generally interested in video chat as a man. However, girls are not interested in this. It is because it is not a secure network to chat with people anymore. Especially, those who are looking for females in the restricted chat area are not going to get any good results from this. You will generally need to look at text chat and spy mode to meet them. If you have a .edu email, your priority should be the college chat feature.

Why Women Quit Using Omegle?

The percentage of female users has decreased by the time when it is compared to the launch date of Omegle. There are many reasons for this. Girls were generally preferring text chat on the website. However, after the release of the video chat, the staff didn’t care for the text chat platform and they quit moderate it. Text chat has been abandoned and many spammers started to use this service. It is almost not possible to meet real people on this feature now. When text chat became useless, girls quit using Omegle.

After the release of the video chat, many violators appeared on the website. These users were generally breaking the laws of their own country and also started video chats which are not appropriate for most women who were using the website.

Which Feature You Should Use to Meet More Girls?

Platform Female Users (%)
Text Chat 15%
Video Chat 8%
Spy Mode 17%
College Chat 21%
Restricted Chat (Unmoderated Section) 2%

I asked ASL to 100 strangers on each platform.

If you have a college or university email address, you can use it to enter Omegle’s college chat feature. With a 21 percent rate, girls prefer to use college chat mostly. Because it is safer than other features of the website. Actually, these results are showing that women prefer to use safe chat features. Since video chat has many security claims, it is one of the features that they don’t use on the website. You can find more details about how to meet girls on Omegle who are using college chat above. It is very informative.

The second good feature to find girls on Omegle is Spy Chat. It is because it is safe as same as College chat. The other reason is it is fun. You can also talk about a topic which another stranger prepares for you. But, the stranger who asked the question is going to be a spectacle on the website. You are not going to talk to him. He/She will watch your conversation with Stranger 2.

The text chat is another good location to find girls on Omegle after Leif cleaned all of the bots… It is also another secure place to talk to strangers.

Text Chat

Text chat is a feature that where many strangers use actively. 15% of strangers are female in this community and it is quite high when compared with the standards of the website. The video feature of the website 50% lesser than the text feature. So it will be the best platform for you if you are looking to chat with girls. I recommend you take a look at the comparison table above to see the difference. However, spy chat is a bit better than the text feature.


  1. I can say that some tips are very useful. Especially I agree about the keywords. I combined all of those keywords and got about %20 success. It is not very bad on my part. Because I was getting none. I wasn’t also expecting this to 100% working. Because there is not any coding on Omegle to make it work. There is not even a gender filter. You also should add “game of thrones” too, it works better than the aggravated version of the word. I also used a college chat… I couldn’t get many girls as you mentioned but yeah. I can admit that it was far better than other options on the website. I don’t also like to use my university mail on Omegle but got no spam emails so far.

    Spy mode was also very handy, to be honest. However, girls are not talking there for dating.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Steven. I am glad that you got some positive results. Actually, Omegle is not a dating website. If you are looking for dating, you can add it to your Omegle keywords. So it will be easier for you to find Girls on Omegle for dating purposes. I am glad that you like my post about it.

      I can’t tell you that, these rates are going to be the same as what I have told you on this page. It depends on when you connect to Omegle. There are times when Indians are the majority on the Omegle and there are times when Americans are the majority. I think you are from Europe and you will mostly meet with Indians and Europeans when you can connect to the website. Asian and European girl’s interests can be completely different. I just gave you some examples in my article. I believe the rest of the work is left to your imagination.


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