Omegle Unblocked

Omegle Unblocked

In my school, Omegle is blocked… Today I managed to make Omegle unblocked and I am going to tell you how did I do that. Actually, it is not very different than get unbanned from Omegle. I will still provide the information about that here. This thing is a bit complicated though. You will need to try different things for mobile and PC. So I will provide different solutions for each device. Please swipe down until you see the header of your OS or device. Ask if you have any questions.

How Did I Manage to Make Omegle Unblocked on My PC

Actually, all I have done is using Google Chrome (I recommend you install it on your PC if you are not using it yet) and then going to the Chrome Store.  There are a few chrome extensions that I can suggest for you to use.

1Hola VPN

You can download Hola VPN directly from Chrome Store. The application is providing proxies from almost every country of the world. You can select one of those countries to connect and get Omegle unblocked immediately. You can click on the button below to get this VPN to your browser.

Features of Hola VPN:

  • Providing different Proxy IPs from different countries of the world.
  • You can connect to the VPN with a single click after you choose a country to connect.
  • It is free.

Hola VPN


Windscribe is another successful Google Chrome extension to use. You can use this extension for free. There are many proxy options in Windscribe and you can connect one of the regions of a country. It is easy to use. Windscribe also providing very good security against hijacking.

Features of Windscribe:

  • Unblocks everything that is blocked geographically.
  • Contains an ad blocker system if you don’t want to see ads on a website.
  • High privacy and security guard.



SetupVPN is another VPN and proxy tool that you can download from Chrome Store. You will able to remove the Omegle block with this tool. It is also very simple to use as same as other VPN extensions. Some features of the extension can be paid.  The free version is still good enough to resolve the block problem.

  • Changes your location and IP to connect to the website which is blocked.
  • There is no paid service of the app. It is 100% free to use.
  • Doesn’t limit your usage of bandwidth.


How You Can Unblock Omegle on iPhone?

Of course, unblocking Omegle on iPhone is much harder than the browser. You can do it in two ways. One of those ways is using Puffin Browser.

One of those ways is installing the Puffin browser to your phone. Puffin is a browser application that will connect you Omegle with a different IP address. So you will able to get Omegle Unblocked with this app.

Puffin in App Store

The other option is installing VPN services to your iPhone. VPN services are working more effectively than the Puffin Browser. So I also recommend those services for you. Personally, I recommend you to use NordVPN for it. Nord VPN is an application that got high reviews by the users of iOS. There are several good options that you can use with this app. It will be very easy to get Omegle unblocked on your iPhone.

Features of NordVPN:

  • NordVPN is providing a  fast connection opportunity for you because they are providing fresh proxy IPs for their users. Generally using a VPN means a huge disadvantage for the speed of the internet. However, you can fix that problem with the help of a new connection technology of NordVPN. It is developed by NordVPN and it is called NordLynx. You are going to have an awesome connection speed with this tech.
  • Your device will be secured with the Nord VPN. There is a firewall system in the application. This will secure your devices against unwanted things.
  • You will connect to public wifi connections securely. Public connections can be harmful to your privacy at times. However, with the help of this app, you are not going to face such a problem.
  • You will able to use IPs from 59 different countries in the world. This will make things better for you if you want to make Omegle unblocked.

Nord VPN in App Store

Unblock Omegle on Android

You can also get Omegle unblocked on Omegle too. How it will happen? Actually, the process is the same as the iPhone. You will need to do similar steps I have told you above but of course, the source is different.

Install the Puffin Browser on your Android phone. You can click on the play store link below. Then you should run the browser on your Android phone and join the website. That is it. You don’t have to do more with that browser.

Puffin Browser in Play Store

If you want a much better way to get Omegle unblocked, so I recommend you to use a VPN. In Android devices, my recommendation goes to Secure VPN. It is free to use and provides multiple free connection opportunities to you. If you want to use the fastest connection, you will want to use the auto connection setting on the app. If you want to use a specific country for your connection you can select one of those in the list. Available countries are the United Kingdom, Russia, India, United States of America, Singapore, France, Netherlands, and Germany.

Features of Secure VPN:

  • High-speed connection for a VPN service. It means you are not going to having trouble with speed.
  • You can select apps that you want to use VPN on them. If you don’t want to use a VPN for an application, you will able to disable this service.
  • There is no bandwidth limit for the app. It means you can use the app unlimited which is very good.

Secure VPN in App Store

If you think that some chat websites are not blocked on your school or work, you can try enter an Omegle Alternative.

Please note that: All VPN services on this page are recommended by me. If you already know a good VPN application or if you have a VPN service, so you can use them to get Omegle unblocked.