Top 10 Video Chat Sites

Best Video Chat Sites That You can Use with Camera

Welcome to my other list today. I am going to tell you my top 10 video chat sites that you can talk to people on random chat and chat rooms. This is completely a unique listing that you will find websites from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and International as well. If you would like to recommend or add your chat, feel free to contact me about that.

If you are interested in only random chat sites, please take a look at my Omegle Alternative list.



Omegle is taking first place in this ranking too. This is because the website has the largest community in the world yet. Since it is very popular, you can meet many people here. Omegle has a video chat feature that is free. You don’t need to log in or register to use the video chat service. The camera is required to talk to people on video chat. You can’t use this service if you are not using a camera. If you would like to use some fake camera options, you can take a look at my content related to Omegle Fake Webcam. You can get banned because of this though.

There are also other features of the Omegle that you can use. These features are mostly based on text chat. For example spy mode and text chat. These features don’t include anything related to the camera device.

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2Ome TV

Ome TV is another video chat website that you can meet random people. Ome TV provides a secure chat opportunity for its users. Unlike Omegle, you can use the application of this network on your iPhone and Android. So no matter what device you use, you can be active on this chat platform anytime. This network provides some unique features and it is totally free to use. You can visit Ome TV to learn more about these features. It is recommended for those who are older than 18 years old. If you are younger, please see Omegle teen options as an alternative option.

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Chat-Avenue is a chat room based platform that you can find many channels on different topics. There are also chat rooms for kids and teens in this community. Chat Avenue is very popular in the world. There is a huge community that is using these channels. You can use it in the English language. You won’t need to register to Chat-Avenue to talk to people. There are only texts available on some channels. Video chat is also available in some of them too.

Despite it includes teens and kids chat rooms, I don’t recommend Chat-Avenue for those who are younger than 18 years old. You can try the kids chat net alternatively.

Visit Website is a popular platform with its unique chat system. They don’t require you to use the camera to connect to their video chat service. So you can talk with someone with the webcam if you don’t even have a camera. This is one of the unique features of chat sites today. Because most webcam chat sites want their users to have a camera to talk with someone on video. However, doesn’t require you to do it. You can enter as a guest! is providing opportunities for you to the next people on the chat website as same as you do on random chat services.

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Camsurf is a friendly random chat platform that you can meet very nice people. It has a large community as same as other websites that we listed here. If you want to meet with people from a country in the world, this site is going to be a good option for you. You can select the country and you can start to chat with people from that country on Camsurf. No registration is required for it. But you will need a camera device to talk to strangers.

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Chatpig is another chat room system that you can talk to strangers. It is one of the most popular chat communities on the internet with thousands of active members. You can chat with multiple people at the same time. You can also multi-video chat on Chat pig.  The camera is not required for talking to people. It is not recommended for teens and kids. If you would like to use text chat to talk to strangers, you can do it. The website also allows you to next video chats that you don’t like despite it is a chat room. You are not going to find this feature in any video chat rooms on the internet.

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Tinychat is a very popular community that you can meet people in chat rooms. It is a bit similar to Chatpig but you are not going to find many unique features. Unlike other chat networks, you can multi-video chat on this community. It means that you can broadcast yourself more than a person. You can also watch broadcasts and talk to people at the same time. It is unlimited. You don’t need to register TinyChat to use it. You can join chat rooms as a guest. Unlike other chat sites, each chat room is focused on a topic. So you can select one of those discussion categories to begin to talk to people. TinyChat is a somewhat more secure community when compared with others.

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One of the oldest random chat communities that you can talk to strangers. It is similar to Ome TV and Camsurf. The website is providing a random chat service with a webcam. If you don’t want to use your camera device, there is also a text chat too. However, you will need a camera device to begin to talk to strangers on the video chat service. Otherwise, you can not talk to people who have that device. You can also use fake cams on there but we don’t recommend it. Because you are going to be banned from Chatrandom immediately. And to get unbanned from Chatrandom, you will need to pay for the company.

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YouNow is a website that you can watch people broadcasting themselves. It is free to use. You can talk to people on here while they are broadcasting themselves. There is a broadcast chat here more than a video chat. However, you are going to like it. YouNow is similar to ChatPig. This can be an alternative opportunity for you if you would like to meet new people. Registration is required for the YouNow.

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E-Chat is another community that you can talk to people online. Video chat and text chat available on chat rooms of the website. They are free at all. It wasn’t requiring registration in the past. However, there will be some changes on the website soon. Registration will be required and it will be a moderated website.

Unfortunately, the website has published that they are facing the abuse of the service continuously. Therefore, they don’t continue their services for some time. It will be back soon though.

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Emerald Chat is a popular random chat platform with video chat. It also provides video chat to people in chat rooms and anonymous chat platforms. It is basically free to use the features. However, if you would like to use a gender filter, it will ask you to pay a little bit. They don’t require much for payment but there are still free websites that provide this service.

Camskip is a website with HD video chat opportunity. You can meet randomly with people on this community. You can also select locations on the country filter panel and meet strangers from any country you want. You can also meet with people with specific gender with the help of this website.