Top 22 Omegle Alternatives

Omegle Alternatives

Are you bored with Omegle and you want to join alternatives to meet strangers? You can find the top 17 alternative websites below. Please feel free to make any suggestions through comments.


Of course, Omegle is the most visited website in the world. It got much criticism in recent years. Despite many legal problems, the website is still very popular in every region of the world. There are many features as text random chat, video random chat, spy chat, unmoderated chat, and college chat. You can use one of those features to meet strangers on

You can use Omegle in multiple languages. However, once you change the language, you will start to meet people from that country who speaks the language.

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Sometimes people think that Chatroulette is built before Omegle. However, this is wrong. is the second random chat website in the world with its unique chat platform and looking. They have made some changes recently. It is providing a good random chat solution to chatters. is ranking second in my list as a good and safe Omegle alternative.

Chatroulette is available in the English language at the moment. It is also available for business video conference after the new update. If you have a business, you can consider it for a reasonable price.

Visit Website is providing chat rooms for their users as same as Chat Avenue It is the second-best website by popularity as an Omegle Alternative but since it provides only char rooms, it is located in the 7th position in our ranking. If you would like to enter a chat site with many active users, you can still prefer to enter the conversation on here. It is also providing a video chat feature. It is free to use however you may need to pay for services after some stages.

As one of the good video chat and text chat Omegle alternatives, is providing a secure service for its users. However, this service is mostly paid for. Don’t forget about it!

Visit Cam Chat website with free webcam chat rooms. is born to be an Omegle Alternative. When it is released, their slogan was also about it. Nowadays it has its own unique view and chats platform. Many people are visiting this social platform regularly. It is a video chat though and you can talk to strangers through video only. The microphone is optional to use. If you don’t want strangers to hear your voice, you can disable your mic and talk to people by texting. is the largest video chat community as an Omegle alternative. So if you are looking for a video chat, you can consider entering

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Despite being a chat room, is entered our Omegle Alternatives list because of the huge popularity of the website. Actually, it has more active users more than any chat site on this list (except Omegle itself). However, since it is not a random chat, it is listed in 4th rank for now. This website is providing chat rooms for its visitors. You can pick one of those chat rooms to start a conversation.

Active users are lots on Chat Avenue. However, they are separated to chat rooms. I recommend you pick crowded rooms to talk to more people on this social platform. Chat Avenue can be blocked in some Asian countries.

Visit Website is a random chat platform that was just released very recently. However, they managed to get many visitors in a short time period. It is a candidate for being one of the best alternatives of Omegle at the moment. It is also available in Play Store. No registration is required and you can begin to chat with people through select your gender and enable your camera. The website is available for those who are older than 18 years old. is one of the good Omegle Alternatives with an effective and unique design and features. There are solo and duo chat opportunities. It is available on Play Store and it is free. You will need to have a camera to chat on this website though. Don’t forget to enable your camera before you enter the chat.

Visit Website is another website that you can communicate with people through random chat. It is one of the good Omegle Alternatives with text random chat and video random chat features. It is also offering many other good services for its users. You can also find a gender filter option which is a paid service. There are also chat rooms that you can talk to multiple people. Emerald Chat’s main goal is providing a chat service without bots.

Emerald Chat is promising to provide a secure chat for their users. They have many active users and they have many different chat concepts.

Visit Website is a random chat that you can meet people mostly from India. You will enjoy meeting strangers without a camera and a microphone here. Since there is a Google CAPTCHA at the entrance of the chat, you will hardly meet with bots. Stranger meet up doesn’t require you to register. It only includes only text chat version of the random chat. It is a good text chat Omegle alternative.

Stranger Meet Up generally includes online people from India. If you want to talk to people from this country, it will be one of the best Omegle alternatives for you.

Visit Website is used to be a French random chat. However, it is also available in English and gets many visitors from English-speaking countries and individuals. You can make friends from different countries of the world through this website. It is providing random video chat and text chat features to their visitors. You don’t need to register or login. You can begin to talk to strangers directly. A camera is required for video chat. If you don’t have a camera, you can talk to people in text chat too. This service is free.

Visit Website is another useful random chat site to talk to strangers. Personally, I met the owner of the website and he was quite a cool guy. The website is also cool too. There are two versions of this social platform. One of them is a registered version that you can check the profiles of the people before you talk to them. The other one is the random chat of the platform that you can talk to a random stranger on a text chat. It is free.

Visit website

It is a good website that you can meet people online. There are many other opportunities on the website that you can alternatively use… You can join the multi-chat section and begin to talk to more than one person at the same time. There is also a video chat and text chat version of it. You can use text and video chat features for free. There are also chat rooms of Chat Random.

Chat Random is also one of those old sites which are created after Omegle. There are very active users on here. is another old website as same as Chatroulette and ChatRandom. It is only allowed to talk with the camera on Shagle at this time. It doesn’t allow people to talk through text chat. Shagle is available on the Play Store too. You can filter countries if you want to talk to someone from a country. You can also use the gender filter opportunity of the website if you have a budget for it. Gender filters are used to be paid services on random chat sites. is a very basic random chat but also effective with many active users. It is also available on Play Store and iOS. You can download the application from the store of your phone and begin to use it. If you want to use it on PC or MAC, you can also do it through your browser. It provides only a text chat feature for their visitors. It is a good Omegle alternative if you are looking for a random text chat. Free to use! is one of those Omegle alternatives which has similar looking to Shagle, Ome TV, and ChatRandom. You can use this website for free. You don’t need to register it. This random chat is also available on Play Store and App Store too. You can meet people from various countries on this social platform. You can filter the gender of the website if you want to pay for this feature. Geolocation features are also available for those who want to meet people from a country. is a good Omegle Alternative to the video chat service they provide to users. The website has a similar concept with Ome TV and Chat Random. This website is requiring camera usage, so it is better if you enable it before entering the chat platform. It is also available on Play Store and App Store as same as its sister websites. Filtering countries and genders option are available on the website but they are paid.

Chatous is a random chat platform that works on browser, Android, and iOS devices. You can download the application from App Store and Play Store. This social network platform has very unique features and most of them are free. You can share voice messages, short videos on the app. You can also select interests as same as you do on Omegle. There are also good interest suggestions that will help you to meet more strangers. The gender filter feature is paid and it is the only paid product of the app. is another chat room on our list with good popularity. Many people are using their chat rooms. You can meet people through the private message system on Allo Talk. There is a “random chat” platform for this social network. However, this claim is totally false. It is providing chat room and text chat services to users.

Mnogo Chat is another community that you can find people online. There are many chat sites on MnogoChat. Yes, it is quite an all-in-one chat site that you can talk to strangers through random chat. There are text and video chat platforms as same as Omegle. It is one of the best websites like Omegle.

Camgo is a service that provides random chat for its users. The website is providing free chat for its users. You can use the video chat service of the Camgo. There are also chat rooms that you can talk to strangers with text chat.

Free Chat Now has a bunch of chat rooms inside. You can select a topic that is related to your interest and begin to talk to people on the website. It is free to use and no registration is required to enter the rooms. It is one of those good Omegle alternatives if you are looking for a text chat.

A random chat website with chat rooms and random cams. You will certainly meet many people on this platform. You need to be 18-year-old minimum to enter the chat rooms of Chat Pig. You can visit the website as a guest but you are not allowed to use many features without registering for this service. However, the registration process is very short. The website management can ask you for extra proof for your verify your age. Chat Pig is a very secure platform and they pay extra attention for the age certainly. Nowadays chat sites are only verifying ages for the procedure. However, this website is very careful about it.

Personally, I would like to thank them for their good work and I hope that they will achieve bigger successes in the chat world.

Chatville is another good Omegle Alternatives that you can meet people and make online friends. I am also going to review this website separately. Chatville has many actives and it is also known as a good Chatroulette alternative. The website is providing many services to its users on the same platform. While you are talking to people with camera devices, you can skip them to connect next stranger. You can make a list of only girls or guys on this chat. You can meet with people from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia on Chatville.



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