Omegle UAE

Omegle UAE

Unfortunately, there is not a website that is called Omegle UAE on the internet yet. However, there are ways to unblock Omegle in the Emirates. There are also alternative platforms that you can enter on your PC and mobile phone. I am going to mention these Omegle alternatives and unblocking steps here.

Omegle has been banned in Emirates for a while ago. Thus you won’t able to reach those websites from the Emirates internet service providers. Basically, you will need tools that will help you to change your IP to access the website.

I created this unblocking guide special to UAE. If you are having this problem at your work or school, you will want to take a look at this guide: Omegle Unblocked.

Omegle UAE Alternatives

There are not too many alternatives for UAE. However, there are still some that you can use. My suggestions on here have many active users. So you are going to meet many random people on these services. However, the services that I provide you on this page are generally based on the Arabic language. If you don’t know Arabic, I recommend you to check other chat sites in the English language.

Unlike many other Arab chat sites, ChatAraby is providing a random chat opportunity for its users. This is the only chat website that you can talk to strangers from Arabia. There are generally people from Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan on the website. It is 100% free and there is no paid membership on This is only a text chat service. This service in the Arab language at all.

Visit Website

Omegle UAE Random Chat App on Android

This is one of those good opportunities for those who would like to use Omegle UAE on their Android devices. You can talk to strangers with text chat and you can send voice messages to strangers on this application. A video chat is not still available on the application. Unfortunately, there is not too much alternative of this in iOS devices. You can download this Omegle UAE random chat app from Play Store with the button below. Only the Arab language is available on the app.

Get Application from Play Store

If you would like to talk to Asian people from Omegle, I recommend you to take a look at Asian Omegle to service me. These are local chat services of other countries in Asia.

Ways to Unblock Omegle in UAE

I will tell you how to unblock Omegle in UAE in three different ways. These will be ways for PC and Mac, Android, and iOS devices. If you have any questions regarding those steps, you can leave a comment below. You can also leave a negative or positive review for my guide in the comments section.

PC and MAC

I am going to tell these steps for Windows OS and macOS below. If you are using another operating system, you can follow the guide for your own system. All you need to do install some browser extensions. This is generally the same for all operating systems.

To unblock Omegle, you will need to use Google Chrome. If you don’t have this browser, you will need to download Chrome. After you download this browser, you will need to download VPN extensions. Since these extensions are related to Chrome, they are not blocked in any country. You can see some of these VPN extensions to unblock Omegle and download links in my guide.

You need to click on the buttons of each extension and then click on the “Add the Chrome” button. After you installed the extension to your browser, you will need to pick a country to change your IP. Then go to! Now you can use Omegle UAE.

Unblock Omegle UAE with iPhone and Other iOS Devices

There are two ways to unblock Omegle in UAE. One of them is using the Puffin Browser on your device. The other way is installing a VPN application as same as you do in browsers.

Why Puffin Browser? Because puffin browser changes your IP automatically. You won’t need an additional service. With the Puffin browser, you can talk to people in a video chat feature too.

In the iPhone, I recommend you to use Nord VPN. It is one of the best VPN applications in the App Store at the moment. Their speed and premium services are very good. It is trustworthy and got several good reviews on the store. It is free to download and you can use this app for free.

You can get more information about those steps and get download links of Puffin and Nord VPN in the App Store.

Android Phones and Devices

These are similar ways to the iPhone at all. To unblock Omegle in the United Arab Emirates, you will need a browser like Puffin or VPN applications. I recommend the Puffin browser for Android devices too. However, I also recommend Secure VPN for Android devices as well. You can find more information about how to use those apps and the Puffin browser on Android in my guide.