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If you would like to meet people from Asia on a random chat website, you will need some Asian Omegle websites to meet strangers. I will give you some websites that you will like in the list below. If you have any questions regarding these websites, please let me know. I will try to help you with it.

Asian Omegle Websites – Talk to Korean Strangers

Gaga Live Random Chat

Gagalive is one of the best Omegle Asian websites I have used so far. There are too many active Koreans who are using this website. If you would like to talk to Korean strangers on your browser or phones, you can enter the website and begin to talk to them. Registration is not required at all. The chat panel is very easy to use. When you connect to a stranger, the text field appears and you begin to talk with them. If you manage to get into the website during the afternoon, you can meet many active people. I recommend it if you meet Asians on a random chat.

It is very easy to use the website. I am going to provide more information on that in the incoming days. You can also ask questions related to Gagalive in the comment section below. You need to be 16-year-old at the least to use this website. It is working on iOS and Android devices.

Visit Website – Chinese Anonymous Chat

UPLT - Asian Omegle is completely a Chinese website. And people generally prefer to speak in Chinese. However, you will still find some users who are talking in the English language here. You don’t need to register to use the website. It is somewhat making things easier for you. However, I recommend you to enable the Google Translator for this website. So you will able to understand how to use it. However, disable Google translator when you begin to chat. Otherwise, you are not going to understand what your partners mean. This website is free and provides only text chat. It is a good Omegle alternative if you are looking to chat with someone.

There are actually two buttons to manage everything on the website. One of them is quitting chat and the other one is sending messages. Unfortunately, I couldn’t detect any “skip” button on the chat panel. This is somewhat making connection time a bit longer to the next stranger.

Visit Website – Talk to Indian Strangers


Tohla is a website that you can meet people from India. There are two kinds of chats on the website. Text Chat and video chat. This is the only Asian video chat service on this list. If you don’t want to use your camera, you can still talk to strangers by text chat too. The website is very popular in India and you will meet people from this country on Tohla. No registration is needed. You can click on the “Connect Now” button to enter text chat. The minimum requirement for joining to video chat is 18.

It is a good Asian Omegle website and also a good alternative as a stranger chat platform. Many active users are using Tohla. You are not going to wait for a while to contact a stranger.

Visit Website

4Random Chat Japan – Chat with Japanese People on iOS and Android

Random Chat Japan

This is a random chat application that you can meet Japanese people on Android and iOS devices. It is a good application to meet people on a text chat. It can be a good Japanese alternative to Omegle. You can also group chat on the application. This app has been downloaded more than 100000 times on Play Store and got a 4.0 overall review rate. It also received good reviews on iOS too. You can download this app by clicking on the buttons below. (from App Store and Play Store)

It is the only Japanese random chat platform you can have on your device. If you don’t want to use it on your phone, I recommend you to check my guide about how to use chat apps on computers. There is detailed information about it.

App Store Play Store

5YmeetMe – Vietnamese Chat & Dating


YmeetME is a Vietnamese chat and dating website that you can meet people from Asia. It is a dating website but people are still using it for friendships in Vietnam. You can also meet people from out of Vietnam with this app too.  It is available for iOS and Android devices. The minimum age requirement for using this app is 17. You can use your Facebook account while creating an account. Yes, an account is required to use this app. There are many active users on the app. It is installed more than 1 million times on Play Store.

This is one of the most popular applications to meet the Vietnamese people. There are not many alternatives to this in Vietnam.

Play Store App Store

6Arca Live Random Chat – Meet Koreans

Arca Live Random Chat

Arca Live Random Chat is another Korean random chat that you can meet people. It is free to use. However, I can say that I am not pleased with the number of active users on the website. You can wait for a long time to connect to the next stranger on the website. It can be still a good option for you if you are looking for an Asian Omegle. This website also works on iPhone and Android phones.

Visit Website – Chinese Random Chat


Moluren is a Chinese version of Omegle. You can use the website in the English language. The website is providing many good features to its users. The registration process is a bit tricky though and you will want to use Google Translate while you are having an account on the website. It is because the registration is in the Chinese language. If you know Chinese, it won’t be a problem though.

After you register to Moluren, you will want to turn back to the main page and log in to the system. Then you will able to talk to strangers from China. Moluren is free to use but there is also a premium version of the website. It is providing text chat to its users.

Visit Website – Korean Chat App

Omegle Asian

This is only an application that you can download from Android and iOS devices. You can’t use this on your browser. The application of is not located on the Play Store. It has been removed. You can download it from the official website of the app though. It is free to download. The app is also officially located in the App Store. So if you have an iOS device, you will able to get it from the App Store. It is free and no need to register for it. You can reach download sources from the official website of the app. You can click on the button below to visit the website.

Important: Since the app is removed from the Play Store, I can’t guarantee any security for your devices and also the sensitive information security. Please download at your own risk.

Visit Website

You can recommend any Asian Omegle website or app by commenting below.


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