Omegle Video Call (PC & Phones)


Omegle video call feature is available for browsers and phones. However, sometimes I am getting some comments that people can’t use these features on their computers and phones. Especially opening video calls for phones is a real pain. Actually, there are very basic ways to run the video of the website. So you can talk to strangers with your camera and microphone.

Omegle Video Call on Phones (iPhone & Android)

1Install Puffin Browser to Your Phone

Visit Play Store or app store and install the Puffin Browser on your phone. It is free but you will need to watch an advertisement for one time enable flash on the browser. It does still worth it. This is one of the rare browsers that will allow you to use many features as same as the PC browsers. You can even play games with Puffin. If you would like to use Omegle as an app, please see our list as Omegle App now.


This information is something you should know about the application. Because it can make you upset at times with some connection or ban problems. The Puffin Browser provides a foreign IP for your connection. It doesn’t use your actual IP address. It is actually good for your security. But unfortunately, it also very bad for Omegle. Those IPs are generally shared and shared IPs can be banned from Omegle quite fast.

Puffin for Android Puffin for iOS

2Run the Browser

After installation of the application, run Puffin in your browser. Puffin is a secure and trustworthy application that you can even play flash games on your phone. So you can use the app without any questions. You can also check reviews about the app on the Play Store and App Store. There are many users of it.

3Go to

Go to with your new browser application Puffin. Please don’t forget that you need to be 18-year-old at the least to use this social network. Otherwise, we recommend you to have your parents with you. Wait until the website loads fully. You will see the mobile version of it. Don’t panic though… We are not done yet.

4Open Desktop View to Enable Flash on Your Phone

You will need to tap on “three-dot settings” and then tap on “request desktop site” to enable flash on the Puffin browser and your phone. When you complete this task, it is highly likely that the Puffin browser will ask you to watch a video. Please watch it patiently. It is for one time… If you don’t watch the video, the browser won’t enable the flash. This is very important if you are going to use Omegle Video Call on phone.

5Tap on Video Chat

After you enabled flash on your phone, the “Video Chat” button will appear on Omegle. This is good. It means the video chat is also enabled and you are ready to talk to strangers with your camera and phone. Now it is time to tap on Video Chat.

6Allow Adobe Flash

This question will appear on your screen anytime when you want to enter a chat website. It is about Camera and Microphone access. When you see this option on your phone, please tap on “Allow”.

7Camera and Microphone That You are Using on Omegle Video Call

Ensure that you see these devices listed on your camera screen on Omegle:

  • Puffin Video Camera
  • Puffin Audio Input

If you see another device on your camera screen, it means it is not going to work for you. Please change these settings as I have shown you above if you see different devices.

8Begin to Talk to Strangers

The mission is done! Now you can begin to talk to strangers and use Omegle video call on your phone.

If you see that Puffin tells you that you are banned, please see this troubleshooting: How to Get Unbanned from Omegle

Omegle Video Call on PC (Windows, Mac)

You don’t need another browser to use Omegle on Windows or Mac operating systems. However, personally, I recommend Google Chrome for the best performance for you. Mostly websites and flashes designed for Chrome and Firefox. If you are using Chrome, you don’t need to download it. But if you don’t have it, you will want to install it.

Run chrome on your computer and go to Since you are entering from the web browser, you are not going to face the flash problem as I mentioned for phones. So that will be quite easy… Click on video chat and then allow camera and microphone. You are done! Now you can talk to strangers through Omegle video call.

I recommend you to be kind while you are talking to people on video chat. I created very beautiful friendships on Omegle in the past. That helped me to have friends from abroad. We even wrote letters to each other at times. I believe you can also create some good relations like that.


+ What is Omegle video call?

– This is a service that you can talk to random people on Omegle with the help of a camera and a microphone.

+ Can I use Omegle video call on mobile?

– It is possible to use Omegle video call on mobile. Unfortunately, Omegle doesn’t have any applications yet. However, with some other browser applications, it is possible to use this feature of the website. For example, the Puffin Browser will be a good tool for you to use.

+ How can I fix the CAPTCHA problem on this feature?

– If you are using a VPN or browsers like Puffin, you can face these kinds of difficulties. There is not too much to do against that in the Puffin browser. Maybe restarting the browser will be the best choice. If you are using a VPN, please change your location/IP on the application.

+ Is there an age limitation for the Omegle video call?

– You should be 18-year-old minimum. It is required. If you are younger than 18, you will need a parental guide. So you need to talk to your parents to join you. I know it is a bit disturbing. However, your security is the first.



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