Best Instagram Features Available for iOS and Android

Best Instagram Features Available for iOS and Android

Instagram, a prominent social media platform, is part of the Facebook group. Through recent updates and innovations, it has garnered a substantial user base. Tailored for photo and video sharing, Instagram provides users with an enjoyable experience. The rapid surge in user numbers has even given rise to a professional group of influencers who generate income through advertisements. But is using Instagram straightforward? It’s advisable to acquaint yourself with the platform’s features and employ them effectively. Let’s explore this together.

Instagram’s Color Palette

Consider this scenario: you wish to post a story on Instagram. If your aim is to have your story well-received and resonate with a specific audience, you can delve into the color palette to select the text color that best suits your content. By doing so, you can enhance your story with captivating and colorful text. You can even craft text that transitions like a rainbow, using a rainbow font style. As you’ll discover, sliding one finger across the color palette while simultaneously moving another finger across the chosen text at the same pace enables you to craft a story that’s both exceptional and visually appealing. This technique allows you to create an alluring narrative that you can share with your audience.

1. Customizing Text Colors: The color palette allows you to personalize your text by choosing from a wide spectrum of colors. Whether you want to match your text to the overall mood of your content or simply make it pop against the background, experimenting with various text colors can enhance the visual impact of your stories.

2. Creating Visual Hierarchy: Using different colors for headings, subheadings, and body text can help create a clear visual hierarchy in your stories. For instance, you can use bold and vibrant colors for important headings, softer tones for supporting details, and contrasting shades to draw attention to specific elements.

3. Harmonizing with Visuals: To maintain visual harmony, consider selecting text colors that complement the colors present in your images or videos. This cohesive approach creates a polished and aesthetically pleasing appearance that resonates with your audience.

4. Conveying Emotions: Colors are known to evoke emotions and convey messages. The color palette enables you to align your text color with the emotions you want to evoke in your audience. Warm colors like red and orange can add energy and excitement, while cooler tones like blue and green can evoke calmness and tranquility.

5. Brand Consistency: For businesses and influencers, the color palette can be a valuable tool for brand consistency. By using your brand’s signature colors in your stories, you reinforce your visual identity and make your content instantly recognizable to your followers.

6. Overlay Effects: Don’t limit the color palette to just text. You can apply colors to other elements like stickers, GIFs, and drawings to create unique overlay effects. This approach can add an extra layer of creativity to your stories and make them more engaging.

7. Personal Expression: The color palette encourages self-expression by allowing you to choose colors that resonate with your personality and style. Whether you’re aiming for elegance, playfulness, or professionalism, the wide range of colors enables you to express yourself authentically.

Incorporating the color palette into your Instagram stories opens up a world of creative possibilities. By harnessing the power of color, you can captivate your audience, convey your message effectively, and infuse your content with an extra dose of visual allure. So, the next time you craft a story, don’t hesitate to explore the color palette and experiment with its vibrant array of options.

Instagram Filters

Get more information on Instagram Filters.

Enhancing the photos you share has never been easier, thanks to Instagram’s array of filters. With these filters integrated into the Instagram application, you can effortlessly adjust and stylize your photos to your desired aesthetic, eliminating the need to rely on external photo editing tools. This grants you the ability to craft captivating visuals directly within the platform. Moreover, you can seamlessly customize and employ your preferred filters, making them an integral part of your creative toolkit.

Turning Off Comments on Instagram:

If you find yourself inundated with an overwhelming number of comments, or if there are specific comments that you’d rather not have visible on the photos you share on your Instagram page, fear not – the process to restrict these comments is incredibly straightforward. With Instagram prioritizing user security, you have the option to disable comments through the advanced settings. Moreover, should you wish to limit comments from certain individuals, you can take advantage of the settings within the privacy-comments section. Even though individuals you’ve blocked from commenting may still attempt to leave comments on your photos, the good news is that these comments won’t be visible to your other followers.

Personalized Comment Moderation: In addition to globally turning off comments, Instagram recognizes that some comments might be unwelcome from specific individuals. To address this, the platform empowers you to customize your comment moderation further. Within the privacy-comments section, you can specify individuals whose comments you’d prefer not to display. This granular control ensures that your content remains a space of positive engagement.

Maintaining a Harmonious Space: While it’s true that individuals whom you’ve blocked may still endeavor to comment on your posts, rest assured that their remarks will remain hidden from the view of your other followers. This mechanism of comment visibility empowers you to foster an environment aligned with your content’s intended atmosphere.

Removing Photo Tags on Instagram:

Imagine a scenario where a friend has shared a photo or video on Instagram and tagged you, but you’d prefer not to have that content associated with your profile. It’s completely normal to want control over what appears in the tagged section of your page. Thankfully, Instagram provides a straightforward solution to handle such situations. Here’s how:

If you come across a photo or video that you’d rather not have on your profile and you’ve been tagged in it, follow these steps. Click on the said photo, and in the upper right corner, you’ll find three dots. Clicking on these dots opens a menu where you’ll see an option labeled ‘Post Options.’ Through this tab, you have the ability to not only remove the tag itself but also eliminate the photo from your profile entirely.

Instagram stands as a platform that places a premium on the privacy standards of its users. This approach has enabled it to amass a sizable and engaged audience. In addition to the functionalities mentioned earlier, Instagram boasts an array of additional features. These encompass everything from the control over your last seen status, a data-saving mode, blocking restrictions, to even secret tagging in stories. Despite its user-friendly nature, several Instagram users tend to overlook some of these features. By leveraging the capabilities mentioned above, you can engage with Instagram more actively and mindfully.

Incorporating these features into your Instagram experience empowers you to navigate the platform with a heightened sense of control and awareness, ensuring that your interactions and content align with your preferences and values.

Archive Posts

For those moments when you wish to access past photos without burdening your phone’s memory, Instagram has a remarkable feature in store. By utilizing the “Archive” feature, you’re granted a practical solution. This feature allows you to store your uploaded posts or brief stories without deletion, ensuring that these images remain visible solely to you. This way, you can sidestep the choice of deleting a post, which might be a decision you come to regret later, and instead, seamlessly archive it for future reference.


  1. Enhanced Privacy: When you archive a post, it becomes completely private – visible exclusively to you. This feature safeguards your memories from the public eye, granting you control over who can view your archived content.
  2. Flexible Restoration: At any point, you have the ability to restore your archived posts. This means that even though they’re temporarily hidden, you can bring them back to your profile whenever you choose. This flexibility ensures that you can curate your online presence as desired.
  3. Preserve Engagement: Your archived posts retain all the likes, comments, and interactions they initially garnered. This way, even if a post is no longer visible on your profile, you can revisit the engagement it generated and cherish the memories associated with it.

Instagram’s “Archive” feature stands as a practical and considerate tool that enables you to maintain your digital footprint in a way that aligns with your evolving preferences. Whether it’s about cherishing memories, retaining engagement, or even just tidying up your profile, this feature adds an invaluable layer of versatility to your Instagram experience.

Selfie Stickers

Elevate the charm of your Instagram stories by incorporating stickers that infuse your posts with a dynamic flair! If you haven’t delved into the realm of stickers and GIFs within your stories, it’s high time you discovered the joy they bring. Here’s how to seamlessly integrate this entertaining new feature into your storytelling:

  1. Capture the Moment: Begin by taking a photo or recording a video as you would for any story post.
  2. Sticker Selection: Navigate to the right corner and tap on the smiley icon, much like you would when adding a regular sticker to your story.
  3. Selfie Sticker Mode: Inside the magic folder, locate the camera icon, and embark on a journey of selfie discovery. Capture a snapshot that encapsulates your essence.
  4. Creative Placement: With your selfie in hand, adorn your story canvas with the selfie sticker. Get creative – place it wherever the mood strikes you.


  • Celebrate Special Moments: Selfie stickers are a splendid way to commemorate special days and occasions. Their personal touch adds an extra layer of sentimentality to your stories, making your audience feel connected to your experiences.
  • Infuse Depth: Elevate the significance of your posts by using selfie stickers. These stickers not only add a visual element but also inject a layer of your personality, amplifying the meaning of your content.
  • Express with Emojis: Enhance your photos with an array of emojis without the need for typing. These emojis amplify the emotions conveyed in your stories, making them relatable and engaging.

Download Instagram Stories and Republish Them

Why limit yourself to sharing only the picture-perfect moments on Instagram?

The great news is that with this latest update, you have the power to download your entire story and seamlessly republish it with a private message. This way, you can effortlessly cross-share your Instagram content across other social media platforms, expanding its reach and impact beyond the confines of a single app.

Instagram Live Video as a Story

For those immersed in the influencer realm, sharing live videos stands as a pivotal channel for promoting products and engaging with their audience. Equally, individuals striving for popularity endeavor to broaden their horizons by connecting with others through live broadcasts. What sets live videos apart?

Thanks to recent updates, live videos can now be shared much like regular Instagram Stories.

Upon concluding a live stream, two options unfold:

  1. Preserve and Share: You can opt to save the video, sharing it for a 24-hour window, allowing others to witness the content. This approach proves invaluable for extending the lifespan of your live interactions.
  2. Discard: Alternatively, if certain aspects of the stream don’t align with your preferences, such as background noise or other factors, you can choose to discard the video.

Should you choose to share the live video, a Play button will emerge atop your profile photo. This serves as a cue to your followers that what they’re encountering is a replay rather than a live event. This intelligent integration of live videos into Stories nurtures engagement and adds a dynamic layer to your content repertoire.