How to Add Music on Instagram Story

How to Add Music on Instagram Story

Hey, Instagram aficionados! Today, we’re diving into a cool Instagram feature that’s all about adding some musical flair to your stories. Did you know you can groove to your favorite tunes while sharing your day-to-day moments on Instagram? Well, if you didn’t, you’re in for a treat!

Instagram’s Music Feature

Instagram is always updating itself to give users the best experience possible. One of those awesome updates allows you to add music to your stories. They’ve got a whole library of songs ready for you to use, and you can even choose from your own music library or popular streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud.

Here’s How to Do It

Adding music to your story is a breeze. First, tap that plus icon on the main page to create a new story. Then, scroll over to the “Story” option in the bottom navigation bar. Select a photo or video that captures the moment perfectly and apply any filters or effects you fancy.

Time to Add Some Tunes

Now, here’s the fun part! When you’re ready to add a song to your story, tap on the Sticker icon. Within the stickers, you’ll find the ‘Music’ icon. Click on that, and you’ll dive into Instagram’s music world. You can explore different music sections and genres, or if you have a specific song in mind, just use the search option.

Customize Your Soundtrack

Once you’ve found the right track, hit the Play button to preview a short clip. You can even scroll through the song to find the perfect part for your story. Some songs even offer multiple images that you can choose from or lyrics that appear on the screen. When you’ve got it just the way you want, tap ‘Done.

And that’s it, folks! You’ve added your favorite jam to your Instagram story. It’s a simple way to make your stories more vibrant and personalized. Give it a shot and let the music tell your story. Stay tuned for more Instagram tips and tricks!

So let’s see what kind of musics should we use in our stories!

Choosing the Perfect Music for Your Instagram Stories

Alright, Instagrammers, let’s talk about adding the perfect soundtrack to your stories! Choosing the right music can really enhance the vibe of your story and make it stand out. Here are some cool tips on what kind of music to use for different types of stories:

  1. Travel Adventures: If you’re sharing your epic travel adventures, go for some upbeat, adventurous tunes. Think about songs with a catchy rhythm that matches the excitement of your journey. It can really transport your viewers to those far-off places.
  2. Food and Cooking: For those delicious food and cooking stories, consider some light, fun music. You know, something that makes your audience feel like they’re right there in the kitchen with you. It should be tasty in both flavors and sounds!
  3. Fitness and Workout: When you’re sharing your fitness journey or workout routines, energizing music is the way to go. Upbeat tracks with a good tempo can keep the motivation high and get your viewers moving along with you.
  4. Nature and Scenery: If you’re capturing the beauty of nature or stunning scenery, choose some calming, instrumental tracks. Music without lyrics can let the visuals shine and create a serene atmosphere.
  5. Fashion and Style: When you’re showing off your fashion game or sharing style tips, go for trendy, fashionable music. Pop or current hits can complement the stylish vibes and keep your viewers in the fashion loop.
  6. Throwbacks and Nostalgia: Sharing some throwback memories or nostalgic moments? Pick songs from that era! It’ll take your audience on a trip down memory lane, and they’ll love it.
  7. Emotional and Heartfelt: For more emotional or heartfelt stories, consider songs with meaningful lyrics. It can add depth to your storytelling and connect with your viewers on a personal level.

Remember, the key is to choose music that enhances the mood and message of your story. So, have fun experimenting with different genres and tunes, and find that perfect soundtrack to make your Instagram stories shine. And, as always, stay tuned for more Instagram tips and tricks! 🎵📸✨