MeetMe Login Issues on Android: Solutions and Fixes

MeetMe Login Issues on Android

MeetMe stands out as one of the most popular dating and chat apps available on both Android and iPhone platforms. However, encountering login problems with the MeetMe app on Android devices can be frustrating. In this article, we’ll explore some common login issues and provide solutions to help you get back into your account smoothly. If our solutions don’t address your problem, we recommend reaching out to MeetMe’s support team for further assistance.

Resolving MeetMe Login Problems on Android

If you’re facing difficulties logging into MeetMe on your Android device, there are several strategies you can try to fix the issue.

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1. Reinstall the App on Your Phone

Reinstalling the MeetMe app is often the simplest way to resolve login problems. However, make sure to follow our reinstallation guidelines to prevent potential errors that might arise after uninstalling the app.

2. Remove Recent App Updates

If the login problem started after a recent app update, consider removing the updates. Sometimes, this step can resolve errors that occur after updates.

3. Use the Official Application

If you initially downloaded the app from unofficial sources, it’s recommended that you uninstall it and remove any associated files from your phone. Instead, download and install the official MeetMe application from the main website or Google Play. Using apps from legitimate sources ensures both your privacy and the safety of your device.

4. Contact Support for Verification and Password Issues

If the previous steps don’t resolve your login problems, it’s time to reach out to the MeetMe support team. They are equipped to help with verification and password-related issues. Send an email to, including your country, registered email address, and a description of the problem you’re facing (e.g., verification, password reset, registration, login). Providing detailed information will aid the support team in assisting you effectively.

Common MeetMe Login Problems and Solutions

Below are answers to specific questions regarding common MeetMe login issues:

MeetMe Invalid Login Problem

Question: “I can’t log in to my MeetMe account. It says ‘invalid email or password.’ I even changed my password, but it still doesn’t work. Please help.”

Answer: Experiencing an “Invalid Login” error is a common issue among MeetMe users. If this error arises, it’s likely related to your account rather than the application. Try accessing MeetMe through the mobile version of the website to see if the error persists. If it does, refer to the solutions provided earlier. While the support team at MeetMe can offer assistance, you might want to try the aforementioned steps first for a potentially faster solution.

Login Issue on Motorola Moto E4

Question: “I’m having trouble logging in to my MeetMe account on my Android phone, a Motorola Moto E4. I’m unsure how to remove recent app updates on this phone. Can you help?”

Answer: Unfortunately, the Motorola E4 does not have the feature to remove recent app updates. Instead, consider reinstalling the app or contacting support for further guidance. While your issue may be resolved in future updates, try logging in through as an alternative. If successful, the issue likely lies with the app; if not, the problem might be account-related.

Login Problems on PC and Android

Question: “I suddenly encountered login problems on both my PC and Android phone. Even after resetting my password, the issue remains. I use Windows 7 on my PC and Android 7 on my phone. Can you help me fix this?”

Answer: Login problems are common across both the MeetMe app and website. In cases like this, contacting support is recommended. Provide detailed information about your issue when reaching out to the support team at for a prompt resolution.

Can MeetMe Delete My Account?

Question: “Can MeetMe delete my account? I’m facing so much trouble with the website, and I’d like to start over.”

Answer: To delete your MeetMe account through the website version, log in to your account and access the settings. Locate the “Deactivate the account” option and follow the steps provided. For login or registration issues, reach out to MeetMe’s support for assistance.

Trouble Verifying Mobile Number for Login

Question: “I’ve been using the MeetMe app on my Android phone (OnePlus 3T) without issues, but suddenly, I can’t log in anymore. It asks for verification, but the phone number input isn’t working.”

Answer: This issue requires MeetMe staff intervention. Reach out to their support team by sending an email to Include your device specifications, model, and details of the problem. While awaiting a response, attempt logging in through A successful login suggests a problem with the app, while an unsuccessful login points to an account-related issue.

Facing Invalid Login Error

Question: “I’ve tried signing in on my PC and Kindle Fire HD 7, but both show an ‘invalid login’ message. I’ve entered the correct password. I requested a code, but never received it via email.”

Answer: The ‘invalid login’ error is a significant concern and could indicate your account has been deleted, blocked, or requires verification. Check your registered email for any verification links or codes from MeetMe. If none are found, contact MeetMe support at, providing your account details, registered email, and a clear description of the problem.

Unable to Login Using Facebook

Question: “Why can’t I log in to MeetMe using Facebook anymore? How can I fix this?”

Answer: Two possibilities exist: your account might have been removed, or a browser-related issue is causing the problem. To troubleshoot, try using a different browser or reset your current browser’s settings. For specific instructions, contact MeetMe support.

Locked Out Despite Creating a New Account

Question: “I received a suspicious activity email. Unable to change my password, I’m asked to verify via phone number. My Verizon email is deemed invalid. I created a new account, which worked briefly before signing me out.”

Answer: Your new account might be suspended due to the same IP address as your old account. To address this, clear app data, uninstall the app, and disconnect from Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Reconnect, create a new Google account and install the MeetMe app. Ensure you use different email addresses. These steps should help resolve the issue.

Encountering MeetMe login issues on Android devices is not uncommon. By following the solutions provided and contacting support when needed, you can navigate these problems and regain access to your MeetMe account.