MeetMe Account Verification Problems

MeetMe Account Verification Problems

Encountering account verification requests on MeetMe can arise due to various factors, including the platform’s security measures. Recently, a user raised a question about the “MeetMe Account Verification Problem,” prompting us to address this issue here. While it’s unfortunate, this situation is tied to your account and requires your attention, although not necessarily extensive effort.

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MeetMe Account Verification Problem: Reasons and Solutions

Before diving into the solutions, it’s important to understand why MeetMe asks for account verification. Here are some common reasons:

  1. Random Verification: MeetMe may randomly ask users for verification to safeguard against scams and fake profiles, prioritizing user safety.
  2. Illegal Content: If your account shared illegal content, MeetMe might ask for verification as part of their content moderation measures.
  3. Disturbing Messages: Sending disturbing messages, pictures, or videos can lead to verification requirements to maintain a safe environment.
  4. Verification Failure: If you previously failed to verify your account for any reason, the platform may prompt you again.
  5. Terms Violation: Violating MeetMe’s terms of use can trigger account verification requests.
  6. Fake Account Creation: If you created a fake account, MeetMe may seek verification to verify your identity.
  7. Copyrighted Content: Sharing copyrighted content, such as videos, movies, music, or PDFs of books, can result in verification prompts.

These are potential reasons for encountering account verification issues or being locked out of the website.

For additional information, you can also visit MeetMe’s official website:

Resolving the MeetMe Verification Error

As mentioned earlier, addressing this issue revolves around your account. There’s a single way to resolve this problem: reaching out to MeetMe via email. However, providing detailed information is essential for a successful resolution. If you’re encountering a blank page issue, refer to our tutorial for fixing the problem.

Example Email Template:

  1. Access your registered MeetMe email. For those who registered via Facebook, use the associated email.
  2. Add “” as the recipient (To Section) and follow these steps:


    Account Verification Problem with (your username here)



    My name is (your name and surname as used in your account). My user ID is (your username), and my registered phone number is (your phone number). I am from (your country). My registered email address is (your account’s email). I am experiencing issues with MeetMe verification due to (briefly explain your verification problem). According to, you can assist me with account verification. Could you please provide guidance on resolving this issue?

Questions & Answers

Feel free to ask any questions regarding account verification or related issues. You can comment on this page anytime to seek assistance with your account problems.

“Meetme Keeps Saying I Need to Verify My Account” Issue


I am unable to access chat because MeetMe repeatedly prompts me to verify my account and claims my old password is invalid. When I attempt to access my chats, the app insists on account verification. Even after providing my old password and attempting a new one, the app states it’s invalid.


Thank you for using How to Chat Online’s Q&A service. To address this issue, you need to communicate directly with MeetMe, as they’re committed to assisting users facing such situations. Follow these steps to contact MeetMe via email:

  1. Log in to your email, preferably the one registered with MeetMe.
  2. Click on “Compose” or “Send Mail.”
  3. Enter “” as the recipient’s email.
  4. In the subject field, type “Account Verification and Password Issues.”
  5. Next, provide your name, the name you use on your MeetMe profile, your country, and the email address linked to your MeetMe account.
  6. In the email’s body, explain that you’re experiencing issues with MeetMe verification and password reset. Request assistance for password reset.
  7. Wait for a response from MeetMe’s support team.

Please note that resolving this issue primarily relies on contacting MeetMe, and while response times may vary, your options for fixing the problem are somewhat limited.

Addressing Phone Number Verification on MeetMe


After attempting to change my password multiple times, I was asked to change my password, which I did successfully. However, I’m now prompted to verify my phone number, which I find is deemed invalid. How can I access my account to delete it?


This is a matter related to your account and requires direct communication with MeetMe’s support team. Account verification is a common issue on MeetMe. To address this, consider the following steps:

  1. Visit this page to learn how to contact MeetMe.
  2. Make sure to provide detailed information about your profile when you email them. Include your registered email address with MeetMe.

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Haven’t Received a Confirmation Code from MeetMe


I’m encountering login issues on MeetMe. Despite entering the correct phone number, I’m repeatedly told it’s invalid, and I haven’t received a confirmation code.


Thank you for your question. MeetMe officially supports users facing this issue. If you’re receiving an invalid code error, it’s because your account hasn’t been confirmed. Contact MeetMe support to activate your account by emailing them. Once you send the email, you should regain access to your account.

Trouble Receiving Verification Code from MeetMe via Email


I can’t recall my login password, and despite requesting a verification code multiple times, I haven’t received an email with the code. MeetMe doesn’t send the verification code to my email.


MeetMe randomly asks users for verification, which could explain your situation. However, MeetMe does offer support for users facing difficulties with verification. If you remember your registered MeetMe email, you can request a verification email. Here’s what to do:

  1. Log in to your email, preferably the one registered with MeetMe.
  2. Add “” as the recipient.
  3. Set the subject as “Verification Mail.”
  4. In the email, include your full name (or the name you use on MeetMe), your country, and your registered email address.
  5. Explain that you’re unable to receive the verification email and request assistance from the MeetMe staff.
  6. Await a response from their team.

Changing Phone Number and Verifying on MeetMe


I recently changed my phone number, and when I’m asked for a phone number to send a verification code, the system claims my new number is invalid. How can I resolve this?


Unfortunately, there might not be many options to address this issue. If you registered an email address, you could potentially recover your account through email. However, if you haven’t registered an email, you’ll need to contact MeetMe’s support team via email at

When contacting them, provide comprehensive details about your phone number and profile on the website. Keep in mind that response times may vary, and as this is an account-related matter, your options for resolution could be limited. Please note that MeetMe might consider this a security concern and might have measures in place to protect users’ privacy.