How to Get Blue Tick on Twitter

How to Get Blue Tick on Twitter

Having a blue tick indicates that the account belongs to the original and actual owner, ensuring increased interaction with users who can engage with it safely. This blue tick is located next to the account name. It is unique and the approval of the blue tick belongs to Twitter itself. It is impossible to imitate the blue tick.

Verify Your Twitter Account to Receive a Blue Tick on Twitter

If you wish to have your Twitter account verified and receive a blue tick, you can apply for approved profile status using your personal account. As you may know, previously, working with social media agencies that had collaboration with Twitter made obtaining a blue tick possible. With the latest update, you can now fulfill this request if you meet specific requirements, without any intermediaries. We will discuss obtaining this blue tick without the need to involve any intermediaries. This process is not as challenging as it may sound, and it remains as accessible as before.

Accounts that engage in activities suggesting they have not received a blue tick or attempt to deceive in this matter are subject to indefinite suspension.

Getting Verified by Twitter

To receive a blue tick, visit and complete the relevant application form. In the subsequent pages, provide accurate answers to questions about whether your account is personal or associated with a company. If the application is for a company, brand, or organization rather than a personal account, this must be indicated on the form. On the final page, explain your reasons for applying for a blue tick. You can detail your level of recognition or your company’s activities. Complete the application after providing these explanations.

Requirements for Obtaining a Blue Tick on Twitter

It’s important to note that you need an approved phone number, a verified email address, accurate personal information, correct birthdate, a website, and public privacy settings. These are prerequisites that must be met before making the request. If these conditions are not satisfied, Twitter’s authorities will not consider the request, and you won’t be eligible for a blue tick.

Additional information is required for business accounts. When submitting a request, they ask for a website relevant to the account to be provided in the designated field. This information could relate to your workplace, blogging activities online, or other elements that help verify the legitimacy of your company (including real-world instances).

How to Submit a Request

Most importantly, you need to provide an English explanation for why your profile should be approved, and then click “next” to submit your application. Twitter will review your application to determine if your profile meets the criteria for obtaining an approved blue tick. Depending on the volume of requests, you will receive feedback indicating whether your blue tick application has been approved or declined. This feedback will not be immediate; Twitter will assess whether you meet specific criteria before responding. It’s important to clarify that not every profile will receive approval, and this decision lies with Twitter. However, if your request is rejected, you can reapply later once you meet the requirements.

As previously mentioned, with the latest update, it’s now possible to apply for verification without requiring an intermediary. This change is logical, as individuals can independently navigate the application process, making it more convenient. Many people prefer not to involve agencies anymore.

Continuing the discussion, we will provide you with tips about account verification, obtaining a blue tick, and important details to consider before submitting your application. As you are aware, Twitter typically approves accounts of celebrities, business figures, large companies, and active entities within various sectors. Furthermore, your daily activity and engagement level play a crucial role.

The Importance of Account Interaction

The level of interaction on social media accounts continues to grow rapidly. Sharing tweets on other associated or unrelated social media accounts contributes to this growth. Tweeting or retweeting rates also significantly impact this interaction. Messages, such as text posts, photos, videos, or similar content, are referred to as “tweets.” Interaction on Twitter involves how much attention your tweets receive or whether they appear on users’ homepages, subsequently affecting the likelihood of retweets. More retweets could potentially make it easier to obtain a blue tick. As technology advances, our interests cover diverse areas such as health, travel, news, finance, and music-related subjects.

It’s essential for your blue-ticked account to be genuine and not a counterfeit account. Users might want to emulate you once your account is verified. While there is no explicit information confirming that an account with a blue tick provides increased security, it’s evident that you have the right to report and block imitators. Moreover, if you possess a blue tick, your complaints are likely to receive more attention compared to those from regular account owners. We emphasize that you should ensure there are no counterfeit or similar accounts associated with the account you intend to have verified with a blue tick.